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Interview with Pro wakeboard rider CK

27 octobre 2011
Interview with Pro wakeboard rider CK
CK (Christian Koester) is one of the Pro riders of the Jobe wakeboard team. He has one of the showpieces in the Jobe 2012 collection: The Click Series. Which means CK has his own Jobe wakeboard and bindings within the Jobe collection of 2012. CK has also an own Jobe helmet: Jobe Pro Helmet Click.

During the progress of the Jobe collection, CK himself has visited the Jobe head office several times. A perfect opportunity to ask him some questions:

1. What is passing through your mind right now?
The upcoming season and the past season and how I am gonna bring it all back to wakeboarding after my injury.

2. What did you eat last night?
Curry, take away!

3. If you could possess of the power of a super hero, which one would you be?
Super man!

4. Why?
So I could fly and I will be really strong and unbreakable.

5. What is your favorite quote and where is it from?
Hmmmm. I have to ask Austin about this one, as he is the walking thesaurus of the quotes!

6. If you could bring three things to an uninhabited island what would it be?
A Jetski, a wakeboard and my girlfriend!

7. Have you ever read a “…… for Dummies” book?
Never read a “…… for Dummies” book, I am too smart ;)

8. What is your favorite day in the week and why?
The weekend, which starts on Friday. Parties on Friday evening are the best, because you will have Saturday and Sunday left to rest.

9. Do you like cooking? If yes what do you like to cook?

10. If no, who is cooking for you?
My Mum!

11. How many times did you saw “The Titanic”?
1 or 2 times.

12. How many times did you tried to avoid “The Titanic”?
Haha, probably 5!

13. What is your favorite “made in China” product?
Lighters. Not that I smoke, but there are pretty cool.

14.What were you afraid of when you was a little child?
Everything. Spiders, dark, water.

15. And who were afraid of you when you was a little child?
My parents, I was really naughty.

16. Have you ever made a decision by tossing a coin? If yes, which one?
Probably when I left school, shall I go wakeboarding or not?

17. What was the most embarrassing nickname your parents gave you?
Never had a different nickname other than CK.

18. Which famous person would you like to meet?
Robert Downey Jr. (the actor). He is really funny!

19. If you were invited for a “Saint and sinners” party, what would you wear?
The Devil! Because, I am a sinner!

20. How many languages do you speak?
Just 1.

21. If you could be another person for one day, who will it be and what would you do?
Rory Mcllroy (The Golfer), because is young, rich, famous. Everything a wakeboarder dreams of.

22. How many pairs of shoes have you got?
So many. I buy shoes, wear them a couple of weeks and then buy new ones.

23. At what time do you wake up?
8 or 9 a.m.

24. Which song do you sing along loud when it is on the radio?
Everything! I am a terrible singer, but I love it!

25. Who makes you happy?
Anyone who is happy, makes me smile.

26. Who is your favorite cartoon hero?
Bart Simpson! He likes extreme sports! Me and Bart Simpson got something in common.

27. What is the most useless thing you ever bought?
I bought so many useless things. I am buying crap all the time. 50% is useless.

28. Pick one and tell why:
- Sea or lake?
Sea, because the water makes my hair looks good! ;)

- Canal or lake?
Lake, because canals are so dirty!

- Asleep or awake?
Love being asleep. Falling asleep is the greatest feeling there is.

- Free ride or contest?
Free ride, is the best! No pressure, a true star comes out when you are free riding.
- Austin Series or Click Series?
Click Series, always! Cause it’s way better!

- By car or by plain?
By plain, because it’s faster!

- Single or girlfriend?

- Cash or Credit card?
Cash. It is easier to spend.

- Sweet or sour?
Sweet, sweet is better!

- Typing or writing?
Typing, computers are the future!

- Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?
Interview with Pro wakeboard rider CK

Bruce Lee, because he is a true Kung-Fu artist. Jackie Chan is too happy.

- Alcohol or non-alcohol?
Alcohol, but I don’t drink that much.

- UK or USA?
UK, it’s my home. I love the people and the food.

- Save or dangerous?
Dangerous! Always! Save is boring.

- Take away or restaurant?
Take away. I like the comfort of home.

- Superman or Spiderman?
Superman, cause he’s got super powers!

- Batman or Robin?
Batman! Because Robin is a sidekick.
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