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Affordable musthaves to make your 2022 summer unforgettable

8 februari 2022
A day on the water is a good day, we all know that. We at Jobe don’t like anything more than such days. And that’s we’re always seeking for how to improve those days. A nice pack of watersports toys can absolutely improve your day on the water and create a smile on people’s faces.

In this blog we’re going to guide you through some of our essentials to complete your day on the water. In this blog we’re focusing ourselves on the more affordable essentials of our range. Have a dive with us and see what Jobe has to create some happy faces around your boat this summer!

Safety = first, and that why we top off with an essential that is actually a real ‘essential’. Safety and comfort are essential while being on the water and that is why we always recommend wearing a vest. Our Neoprene vests a known for its great value for money combined with good looks.

A wetsuit can give you that extra touch of comfort when the temperature of the water is just not warm enough for a comfortable time being on the water. Our Perth wetsuit range contains 4 fresh colorways in a fullsuit and shorty type.

Enough about the safety and comfort part of a good day on the water. We are looking for creating smiles! The reason for people to hit the water.

The good old classic that is the embodiment of fun: towables, funtubes or whatever you may call them! A towable gives you the freedom to go for a calm and relaxing ride or a heavier ride that releases the adrenaline inside you. Jobe has a type of towable that is suitable for every type of rider. The Rumble, Double Trouble, Airstream and Binar are 4 great and accessible towables for a fun day on the water!

Another instant classic that has been connected to boats for years are Waterskis! The first signs of life in the world of waterskiing have been originated already 100 years ago! One century later waterskiing is still an essential and the reason of many people to get in love with being on the water! If you are looking for a nice pair of waterskis to satisfy your friends, family and yourselves: The Allegre and Mode waterskis are the ones to go!


Let’s move on the one of the most badass looking focusses of watersports: Wakeboarding. Wakeboarding made its entry much later than waterskiing but throughout the years, wakeboarding grew up to be the most popular products to use behind a boat. Jobe’s wakeboard range has the width to have a board for every type of rider, from beginner to pro-rider. The Vanity, Logo Series and Maddox wakeboards are some high-quality, good looking and affordable options if you’re looking for a new wakeboard on your boat.

We’re going to continue the list with the more accessible products which are great for people with less watersports experience. Let us introduce to you the multi-position boards! A multi-postion board is a special designed ‘platform’ that gives you the possibility to practice multiple positions on your board. What’s in a name! 😉 Let’s take the Jobe Stimmel for example, this product offers you 6 (!) positions to perform on the water! You can use it to water ski, kneeboard, lay down and ride it like a towable, wakeboard, wakesurf, sit on it and so much more. Find your position and go play! The Chipper and the Stimmel boards will guarantee you a ton of fun!

We’re going to end this list with the most accessible variant of watersports of all! If you – or your company on the boat – has got no experience with watersports, then kneeboarding is something your whole crew will be succeeding on! Go for the Slash, Sentry and Streak board if you’re looking for an affordable toy that is suitable for every-single-one.

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