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Exclusive Interview; Chloe Goudie

28 juli 2011
Exclusive Interview; Chloe Goudie
JOBE: Hi Chloe, can you give us a little run down of yourself?

CHLOE: Well my name is Chloe Goudie although most people either just call me Clo or a nick name I picked up when I was younger which is rat. My birthday is on the 29th April 1995 which makes me 16 and means I have just done all my GCSE exams and will be going into Sixth form in September to do my A Levels. I’m a very sporty person and would do most sports if I could but my main sport is of course wakeboarding.

JOBE: Is wakeboarding for you just for fun or do you take it seriously?
CHLOE: I try to take it as seriously as possible because I have to at times, like in competitions when I’m practising before it starts I have to be focused and also when the actual competition is happening I need to be in the right mind set. However I’m not a very serious person so I still enjoy wakeboarding whatever I’m doing!!

JOBE: What do you like the most about wakeboarding?
CHLOE: I think the thing I have always liked most about wakeboarding is the lifestyle that comes along with it and even when I was younger before I got to the standard that I’m at today I knew that that’s how I wanted to live my life. For instance work for me at the moment would be going to another country which is likely to be hot and doing a photo shoot like I did earlier this year when I went out to Tampa in America with Protest to do a shoot for next year’s clothing range.

JOBE: How do you see the future of wakeboarding?
CHLOE: Well at the moment the sport is quite small in England and not many people know what it is or have never tried it before. However boat riding is getting bigger and more well known and this will hopefully lead into cable wakeboarding doing the same and also getting more funding. Hopefully there will also be bigger competitions like Wakestock that get televised and lot of publicity.

JOBE: You ride for the Jobe / Jstar team. The team is made up of riders like Austin Hair, Maxine Sapulette, Christian Koester….what is it like to be part of this family?

CHLOE: To be associated with names like that is great and it is also awesome to be able to ride with people like Maxine occasionally. Moreover, CK helps me as a young rider a lot.
These riders are so well known in the industry and have worked hard to be where they are today with great titles under their belt and both with their own pro models. It gives me something to aim for because I would like younger riders to look up to me when I’m a bit older. I haven’t yet met Austin Hair but I have heard great things about him so again it’s inspiring.
Exclusive Interview; Chloe Goudie

JOBE: What setup are you riding at the moment?
CHLOE: I am riding the J-Star Ruby in 128 with the Isis bindings.

JOBE: Did you plan to do some contests this summer?
CHLOE: Yes of course! I plan to do all the competitions in England that I’m around for like the Ten Feet High series in Sheffield which is once a month, the UK nationals at WMSki, Summer Jam at WakeMK and hopefully the Relentless Pro Tour as well. I also plan to do some international competitions like the Protest Cable Call and hopefully some other WWA stops if I can.

JOBE: Are you nervous at all when it comes to competitions?
CHLOE: I always get really nervous before competitions to the point where I go pale and stop talking whether it’s the worlds or even just a small competition in England.

JOBE: What do you do to avoid the nerves?
CHLOE: I haven’t really found a way to stop or calm down my nerves yet so instead I just think of them as a positive thing in that because I’m nervous I won’t get to cocky or arrogant when I ride and won’t do something stupid because I’m not focussed.

JOBE: Are there any riders you look up to?
CHLOE: It’s hard to pick out one person because there are so many good riders that have done so well for themselves but I would probably say Nick Davies because of how big and well known his name is and the way he has made such a good living off wakeboarding. To have my hobby become my job or career would be what I have wanted since I started wakeboarding at a young age.

JOBE: Who would you like to train with?
CHLOE: I would like to train more with some of the other girls in my category like Sophie Cordery and Tor Young because at my cable there are no other girls around the same age as me so I think if I rode with them it would push me more to try new tricks.

JOBE: What’s great about wake these days is that there’s several ways to get pulled: the cable, jetski, boat, system 2.0 and winch…do you have a preference?
CHLOE: After trying all of these ways I still prefer and love cable riding however I think riding the system 2.0 is still good if you just want to have some fun.
JOBE: We’ve talked lot about wakeboarding, but what do you do when
Exclusive Interview; Chloe Goudie
you’re not on the water?

CHLOE: I spend most of my time down at the lake even if I’m not riding so I would just be hanging out with friends there. I also go to the cinema quite a lot and everyone from the cable
normally goes to gymnastics on Wednesday where we mess about jumping into foam pits and fooling around on the trampolines and sprung floors. Although that seems just like fun it also helps with wakeboarding by building up your special awareness.

JOBE: What about your future?
CHLOE: I plan to keep progressing and having fun in wakeboarding and also keep achieving new titles. I also plan to help out some of the younger riders at my cable and become a role model or inspiration to them. I would love to be able to make a living from wakeboarding as well, but if for one reason or another I’m unable to do that, then I would like to become a physiotherapist or personal trainer.

JOBE: I hope you did enjoy the interview. Keep up the good wakeboard riding and if you want to thank anybody, this is the place.
CHLOE: It was good fun to do this interview! I would like to thank my sponsors Jobe, Protest and WakeMK because without them it would be a lot harder for me to carry on wakeboarding and they have treated me so well! I would also like to thank my parents and everyone at the cable for helping to get where I am today!
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