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Highlighted: Jobe wakeboard riders living their dream!

27 juli 2012
As you might know Jobe cooperates with sponsored athletes a lot; The Jobe International team and the Jobe National team. The national team includes two interesting persons as well who we would like to introduce to you; Riley Cerven and Ray Dopper. These guys perform at wakeboard shows almost every day. They wrote a nice blog about their lives. Check it out!

Living the Dream
“Firstly, I'll start off by introducing my colleague and I. My name is Riley Cerven, I'm 22 years old from Toronto, Canada. My colleague, Ray Dopper, is 26 years old from Yarawonga, Australia. We have both been riding for roughly ten years and have come to Germany to perform in a Water Ski Stunt Show at Holiday Park in Hassloch, Germany. The team at Holiday Park includes ten water skiers from around the world who excel in various types of water skiing. Ray and I motivate each other in the wakeboarding aspect of the show to improve every time we are on the water. The show we perform has a story line based on the famous Hollywood actors of our generation. We put on three shows a day and get thousands of viewers every show. We had our ultimate high of the season on Thursday, June 7 with over 4000 people throughout the day.

On our off time and days off we travel to various cable parks throughout Germany to look for new and more challenging obstacles. We are also competing in one of Germany's most popular competitions, "Chill and Ride". We train
Highlighted: Jobe wakeboard riders living their dream!
every day before work by dialling in technical tricks and working on new ones. Ray and I live life in an "LTD (Living the Dream)" fashion and on the water we go by the slogan "Cut harder, Suck Less". We like to use these guidelines to be the best at what we do.

Ray and I perform in other types of water skiing such as barefooting, freestyle ski jumping, and sky skiing. When we're not on the water, we are travelling around Europe or mountain biking through the alps!

Maybe we will see you around!

Riley and Ray"

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