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How to wakesurf

28 mei 2021
Want to learn how to wake surf? You are at the right spot! We’ll teach you how to, step by step! Don’t worry getting up on a wakesurf board is easy to learn. Wakesurfing is very popular because it’s so easy to learn and low impact on the body. Young or old, beginner or advanced: YOU CAN DO IT!

How to choose the right board

Before we will explain to you step by step how to start on a wakesurf board, we would like to inform you on how to choose the right beginner wakesurf board. When you start surfing it’s important that you choose a board, that will help you learn and is more forgiving. Beginner wakesurf boards are more stable and have a predictable feel, with a larger surface area. When you look at the Jobe wakesurf collection we would highly recommend the Pace wakesurfer and the Shade wakesurfer

shade pace
Shade Wakesurfer Pace wakesurfer

How to wakesurf

Now you know what board to choose it’s time, to learn how to wakesurf.
1. Start by lying in the water with your heels on the edge of the board. Important note: toes pointing out.
2. When the boat starts pulling you, push your heels into the board. Let your knees come into your chest while pushing you heels.
3. Let the boat do the work, don’t pull yourself up. Be patient.
4. Stand up slowly as the tail of the board digs in and starts to get on plane.
5. Now you’ve gotten up: whoop whoop. Next step is to lean a little bit into the wave and when you feel comfortable surfing you can toss the rope into the boat.
6. Be aware of your posture. If you are all scrunched up, you won’t be able to move around freely, positioning yourself into the wave. Stand up straight, don’t bent over at the waist.
7. To turn, apply pressure to heel or toes, specifically your big toe.
8. To speed up, put more weight on your front foot.
9. To slow down, add more weight to the rear foot.
10. Practice, practice, practice.

wakesurfgirl learnhowtowakesurf wakesurfing 

Instructions for the boat driver

Make sure to gently pull the rider up, rather than yanking.

1. Put the boat into gear and make sure to get the rope tight.
2. Then slowly accelerate until you see the board flip up to the rider’s feet.
3. Now you can pick up the speed a little, to the desired surfing speed. Not faster than 12Mph
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