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Jobe presents: Team 2018

21 maart 2018


The Belgian rail rider Ian curry has a distinctive way to cruise around on his Jobe concord & EVO bindings. He is often trying to hit some winch spots or trying new lines at the cablepark. This dude is all about having fun on the water! When he is not on the water, you have a great chance to find him around the lake with a camera in his hands or at the bar with a fresh beer!

Dominik has his own signature board: the Jobe Breach! A high-end board for a high-end rider. Dominik has proven to be one of the best and most experienced competition riders out there. In the winter you can find him in Thailand, where he keeps progressing his skills, you can find evidence of this in his “Mai-TaiĒ edits. With a professional attitude and with a focus on progression, Dominik has shown he is more than a wakeboarder, he’s a true athlete!


Some people have tricks up their sleeves, Maxine has her tricks up her dreads. This wakeboarding legend keeps impressing everyone with impressive results in the competitions. Together with her dog Indy, her RV and her pro-model: the Jobe Armada she will be hitting the road. 

Sam is our Dutch hero. He started at an age of 11 and been motivated to learn new tricks ever since then. He’s traveling he world with his Jobe gear. Sam loves the lifestyle that comes with the wakeboarding sports. Making his riding look unique. You can find him in Germany, his homecablepark BluBay Heede.

Jobe teamrider Ariano Blanik is an underdog that is working on his track record! Not only did he compete in the World Championships at a young age, he also won the Open Men Wakemasters competition in Germany. European champ rides the Pitch for an obvious reason: performing in the park.

Loic is now our 13-year old rider who started wakeboarding when he was only 9 (!) years old. Besides the great tricks on the water this French hero loves to snowboard too. Loic was the champion at the French National Championship in July 2017, PLUS he took the 8th place at the European and African Championship U15 wakeboard in December 2017. Next to being a member of the Jobe Local Hero team, he extends his so-not-childish career with a membership to the Unleashed Young Team. Yes, we know: it's not fair.

Kicking ass on and off the water, that’s what Austin Hair lives for! Austin is one of the top boat wakeboarders in the world, who has a need to keep training. He does this in his Boxing fitness center: 9Round, but on the water he prefers Lake Jessamine. This lake is known for growing the best wakeboarders out there, living proof: Austin Hair.


They’re classy, fun and got some skills! Everyone in the French Wakeboard scene knows the Boisson sisters. Candice is a champ in the French scene while Alicia is one that blows away with style. Not to mention they both got a celebrity status, Candice dominated the KohLanta in 2016 and Alicia is starting in the new Ninja Warrior series. Girls with a glamour status and riding skills to back it up.

It’s our boy Matty! When we think of the UK we think of: Queen Elizabeth, tea and Matty freakin’ Muncey! This kid is one of the next generation riders who is taking out the competition one by one. He’s always been a talented rider but stole the international spotlight when taking 4th on Plastic Playground and when he dominated at Copenwaken. Bringing some sweet sweet style to wakeboarding game and showing us that the UK has more to offer then just some damn good bisquits!

Julian is the French prince d’amour. He keeps living up to the expectations, with podium places on events like the FISE and Plastic Playgrounds. This big league player has proven that he deserves to have a pro model wakeboard like the Conflict.

John Dreiling is one of the up and coming shredders form Orlando, Florida. Turning pro in 2014, John is starting to dominate the international competitions and is dropping some serious bangers in his edits. One of the sickest riders to watch when it comes to riding obstacles. When John hits the water, we reckon you want to watch and learn!.

Traveling around the world to compete in the big leagues, this superstar has made a comeback. After being out of the game due to illness, Marc took the 3rd place in the European Championships. But luckily for us Marc never forgets his roots and once in a while he drops by Amsterdam to shake things up. Don’t know what we’re talking about, check out the Wake Up Amsterdam edit!


Jorge Gill is one of those guys that, when the moment arises, takes the spotlight. Jorge is up and coming in the boating scene in the United Kingdom. Winning several national competitions and competing with the big boys on a European level. Jorge is the underdog we’re rooting for!
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