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Wake trend alert: riding bigger boards

We see a ‘go big or go home?’ trend coming up in the wake scene. Riders tend to ride bigger boards than they used to. We see riders shift from a 139 to a 145…

There are some pros and cons attached to this new trend, which we didn’t want to withhold.

Riding a bigger wakeboard size brings the benefit of a larger surface. Having a larger surface cares for a better distribution of the pressure on the board. This will care for softer landings and more stable landings….Keep your knees happy!
In short: with a bigger board you can go way bigger.

A big con is that big boards bring more weight, and can feel very awkward. Especially amongst ‘’invert’’ riders we still see a preference for smaller sized boards.
We asked our own pro athletes and the opinions differ. Some prefer a smaller board, and some a bigger board. It all depends on your riding style and your preference.

What will you go for: big or small?

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