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4 life hacks for wakeboarders

9 mars 2021
Wakeboarding is all about the good life! Days out in the sun and on the water, spend with friends and family while you’re out pushing your limits and landing new tricks.

But how do you make a great experience even better? Well, it’s all in the small things which make you’re life just that much easier! Which is why we got some life hacks to make a day out on the water that much more convenient. Through all our years in the business, we’ve seen which accessories are often overlooked but make the difference for your day out wakeboarding.

1. Get comfy, get a Poncho

When we’re talking poncho’s, we’re not talking about the traditional piece of garment from Latin-Amerika. Poncho’s are a necessity for everyone who practices watersports or who just want to live comfortably. A poncho is a basically a big hooded towel used by many to undress and put on a wetsuit when they’re outdoors (for on a smaller boat for instance). Next to the fact that they’re pretty convenient, they’re comfy as can be! It’s big and fluffy and there’s nothing as relaxed as just chilling in your poncho after a good session!

Pro Tip: Throw them in a warm dryer and use them at home as well and you’ll be kicking it at a next level!


2. You need a Wakeboard Trailer Bag

Once you own one, you’ll never want anything else, trust us. A Jobe Wakeboard Trailer Bag is a longer bag with wheels underneath it making it easy to take your gear with you’re walking with your gear. No more lifting your heavy gear when you’re walking towards the dock!

Next to that, there’s plenty of storage room, so you can store everything in there. Wakeboarding is about fun and no one likes to carry around heavy gear! With this piece of kit, you’ll kickstart your session of properly.

wakeboard trailer bag

3. Store your wetsuit properly

If you like to wakeboard then you know the problem of having to store your wetsuits and vest. They’re your best friend on the water but once off the water those things can smell once you throw them in the back of your car. Not to mention, they’re soaking wet which isn’t too good for your car as well. By using a Jobe Wet Gear Bag, you can simply unfold the bag, throw your wet gear in there and store the bag separately OR throw it in your Wakeboard Trailer Bag. You’re doing your car and those who ride with you a favor.

wet gear bag

4. Spareparts, do we need to explain why?

It’s pretty obvious but nothing is as annoying as gear wearing out (part of the game). But it’s better to have some spare parts in advance! Think of laces for your binding and a repair kit for your board and for your wetsuit. When you’re out with the boat and a lace snaps, you don’t want to ride with broken gear and you don’t want to ride back and get some gear. Take them with you in your Wakeboard Trailer Bag and you’ll always be prepared!

d d repair kit
Jobe Multi Purpose Repair Kit Jobe Wakeboard Binding Dual Laces Pair Jobe Wakeboard Repair Kit

So there you have it, some hacks to make your day out on the water more easy! It’s hard to make wakeboarding more fun as it’s pretty much the best activity out there. But making it easier, now that’s something we can all work on!  
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