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Exclusive Interview; Jobe pro rider CK Koester

31 mai 2011
Exclusive Interview; Jobe pro rider CK Koester
In the past few months CK Koester and Jobe have been working hard on the design of the products of the CliCK series. These will consist of 3 products; A Jobe CK wakeboard, a Jobe CK vest and a Jobe CK helmet.
During this process CK is closely involved in the development of the shape and graphics of the products. That’s why he has visit the Jobe head office during the London Boat Show a couple of months ago and we thought this would be a nice opportunity to ask him some questions.

Jobe: Good afternoon CK, how are things in the UK today?
CK: Yeah, Good! I am doing the Boat Show, so I am working every day. Doing two shows a day. Generally, providing myself in wakeboarding. It is good to be back on the water!

Jobe: We are happy for you as well! How is the recovering of your knee injury?
CK: I still feel it, but I am all right. Just painful, but I am not pushing it. Got myself a knee brace, so I easily can get back on the water.

Jobe: What exactly happened?
CK: It was in August and it happened during the Cable Call in the Netherlands. The weather was really bad, it was pretty windy and I was pushing it hard. I made it into the top 4 and I was in the play-offs for that. I did not want to become 4th or 3rd, so I went hard and pushed it a bit and got caught by the wind. I came up to the shore and the next moment I hit my knee and I immediately knew I did something pretty bad.

Jobe: Happily you are back on track! But first, the London Boat Show! Can you tell us more about that?
CK: The London Boat Show is an exhibition what happens once a year. This year there is this big pool about the size of 70 meters in length, where I am doing two shows a day. It’s really great! In the spare time I am playing FIFA on the play station and walking around the exhibition….

Jobe: …and flying back to the head office of Jobe to discuss the shape and graphics of your own product line. Can you tell us what you think about that?
CK: Haha, Yes! I love it! I am so glad and I am so happy! I have never dreamed about it, because it was much far passed my goals. Now the Design Department of Jobe and I are working on my own product line, including a board, vest and helmet.

Jobe: Could you tell me the highlights? How will the products look like?
CK: We created a new shape, but that’s still a secret! Haha! As I have this hobby as photographer, the theme will be photography with photographs made into the board.

Jobe: That’s sounds great! What is your inspiration, taking photography as a theme?
CK: I am doing a lot of photography. Most of the time I shoot action sports like wakeboarding, skateboarding and BMX. Sometimes I shoot landscapes. I guess that is kind of my inspiration comes from.

Jobe: So your old set-up will be replaced for your own setup?
CK: Yes, of course! My current set-up is a Unix wakeboard and Unix bindings. My new set-up will be my own shaped and designed wakeboard. I think it is finished in June.

Jobe: So you went to the London Boat Show, today you are here, what is next?
CK: Next is to fly back to London, doing the London Boat Show until Sunday. Sunday night I will take my girlfriend to a show. After that, I will be flying to the Philippines for judging at the Ultimate Wake Championship. When I am finished I will go to Hypnotics in March.
Exclusive Interview; Jobe pro rider CK Koester

Jobe: You are a busy man! If you are not wakeboarding how do you spend your time?
CK: With golf! I like golf! Besides I love hanging around with my friends and my girlfriend, going out and photography of course!

Jobe: That’s sounds as an ideal amusement! In the meantime, are you studying, working? Or are you fully focussed on your wakeboard career?
CK: I finished my education and at the moment I am just busy wakeboarding. I don’t really have a full time job. I work as a coach, instructor, driving the boat and general library work and stuff. What ever I can get to just fill the gaps between competitions. You cannot live only on competition money.

Jobe: What does an ideal day look like for you?
CK: Wake up, have breakfast. English breakfast! Playing golf in the morning, wakeboarding in the afternoon with friends and having lunch in between. Spending time with my girlfriend in the evening, watching a movie or something.

Pick one and tell us why:

Single or Girlfriend CK: Girlfriend, we are together for 2 years now.

Cable or boat CK: Definitely cable! Just because it is more fun and is a social way of spending your time, because you are doing it with friends.

Fast food or healthy food CK: Healthy food. I don’t really like fast food. Only when there is nothing else left.

Summer or winter CK: SUMMER! It should be summer all year around! I don’t like cold. I try to follow the sun! :-)

Friends or family CK: Family, they are the most important! Besides, my friends are my family!

Jobe: Any particular you want to add to the interview?
CK: Say thanks to all my sponsors to make my dreams come true! Thanks to my home cable and thanks to my family and friends who have always been supporting me through hard times.

Exclusive Interview; Jobe pro rider CK Koester
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