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A true jack of all trades!

15 Juni 2019
We get it, dragging all your boards, ski’s and wakesurfers with you is a pain! But we have the solution for you: Multi-Position Boards!

These boards are an all-in-one solution and offer (just like the name says) multiple positions in which you can use these. The Multi-Position boards, or MPS boards as we call them, were the idea of a daily problem. Some people have so much gear with them, that it’s a real pain to drag everything with them to the boat. That’s when the idea for a board that could do it all came to life, and so the Multi-Position boards were born.

At Jobe, we pride ourselves in having a board for everyone and the same goes for the Multi-Position boards! Let us introduce our Multi-Position board range to you!


360 fun is what it’s all about with this disk for the water! The Chipper makes flying saucers look bad and gives a real experience on the water! A playful and fun feel makes this such a fun board to use all while flying on the water. 
A true jack of all trades!


The Stimmel is our easy access multi position board which comes at a affordable price. When you’re looking for a fun do-it-all board, which your whole family can enjoy, this is the board for you! Jobe's Stimmel is ready to be used as a kneeboard, ski, wake skate/board and wake surfer with a minimum of 6 positions. This board has a rotomolded foam core making it thicker then it’s big brother the Stimmel. 
A true jack of all trades!


The Omnia is the high-end tool with no concessions! This board is made with compression molded PU foam with added fiberglass, making it fast and direct when steering. Whether you’re lying down or wakesurfing on this board, the Omnia can do it all! Making it the perfect fun product for everyone on the boat.
A true jack of all trades!
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