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Exclusive interview with the new Jobe team riders Vanessa Weinhauer & Marvin Ludwig

7 Juni 2011
Exclusive interview with the new Jobe team riders Vanessa Weinhauer & Marvin Ludwig
Exclusive interview with the new Jobe team riders Vanessa Weinhauer & Marvin Ludwig
In May 2011 the Jobe Wakeboard Talent tour took place at three different cable parks in Germany; - Toeppersee, Duisburg, - Blue Bay, Heede, - Wasserskilift, Freiburg. The Jobe Wakeboard Talent Tour proved to be a great success, resulting in two winners: Vanessa Weinhauer and Marvin Ludwig. CLICK HERE to see an overview of the three tour stops in one video.
In the interview below you will read who they are and you will get to know them a little better.

Jobe: Congratulations! You have won the Jobe Wakeboard Talent Tour! What was your first reaction when you heard the big news?
V: I was totally surprised and very happy that I have won a Jobe Sponsor agreement!

M: I couldn’t believe I was one of the lucky winners. I was surprised and of course very happy at the same time. I had to read the email for many times to realize that the winner was; ME! I am very proud to be part of the team!

Jobe: Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Let’s start with your name, age and where you live?
V: My name is Vanessa Weinhauer, I am 13 years old and live in Marburg (Germany).

M: My name is Marvin Ludwig and I am 15 years old. I live with my parents in a little village which is called Rodenkirchen near Bremerhaven (Germany).

Jobe: As the water sports season has already started, what can we expect from you as a brand new Jobe team rider this season?
V: A successful competition season and a lot of exposure of the Jobe brand in Germany!

M: My biggest target this year is participating in the German Wakeboard Championship in Hamburg. I am really looking forward to that!

Jobe: Do you have any other hobbies besides wakeboarding?

V: I love to play basketball and soccer! Besides I like swimming and a little snowboarding!

M: No, of course I don’t have other hobbies! :-) Wakeboarding is the coolest sport in the world!

Jobe: What exactly got you into wakeboarding?
V: I have seen several wakeboard riders riding at the cable and I directly wanted to try it by myself.

M: I saw it once, when I was on a holiday and I was fascinated! I really had to try it! And since that moment I am addicted. It is so much fun and you have so much opportunities to try something new. I love to hit the obstacles, especially the kicker.

Jobe: What do you like the most about wakeboarding?
V: It is a great feeling riding the water. Besides I love to learn new tricks.

M:The feeling when you are on the water is indescribable! Besides that, I have made a lot of friends with riding as well. What I like the most about wakeboarding is trying out new tricks with friends.

Jobe: Who is your favourite pro wakeboard rider?
Exclusive interview with the new Jobe team riders Vanessa Weinhauer & Marvin Ludwig

V: My favourite pro rider is Sophia Marie Reimers.

M: Mike Ketellapper en Sam de Haan.

Jobe: If you could go wakeboarding anywhere, where would you go?
V: Apparently Australia, because it is always warm.

M: Florida! Where it isn’t that cold and where they have big cheese burgers!

Jobe: Are there any tricks that you would like to learn?
V: Yes, general inverts.

M: Of course *LOL*, There
Exclusive interview with the new Jobe team riders Vanessa Weinhauer & Marvin Ludwig
are many tricks which look really cool!
I would love to learn some more inverts!

Jobe: How would your friends describe you?
V: Funny, athletic, ambitious.

M: Wakeboard addict!

Jobe: Many thanks for your time! Is there anything you would like to add to the interview?
V: I am really looking forward to my sponsor agreement and I will proudly present the Jobe brand!

M: I can’t wait to ride for Jobe!
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