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How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski

14 Februar 2017
We get it, the water is nice and you’re stoked to hit the water! But in order to be a true master of the waterskies, you need to know the ABC’s of waterski. So that’s why we came up with a tutorial on How-To-Waterski.

Step 1: Make your ski’s wet
Before you go out on the water, you need to dip your skis in the water. This will make for an easy entry in your bindings.
How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski
Step 2: Get in the water!
You got your ski’s on! So now it’s time to jump into the water and turn towards the boat. Make sure you align yourself behind the boat for a good start.
How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski
Step 3: Stretch your arms
You need to stretch your arms!

A lot of people have the habit to start pulling once the feel tension in their line. But when you do this you will push the skis away from you. The result: You’ll fall on your back. If you stretch your arms this will not happen.
How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski
Step 4: stay tiny, stay low
Next to stretching your arms, you need to make yourself tiny. Stay low by reaching for your feet with your arms. Staying low will keep your balance. For the same reason Sumo-wrestlers stay low: it makes them harder to push over and easier to keep balance! This mindset makes for a more stable start.
How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski
Step 5: Apply downward pressure on the handle!
Your arms are stretched and you are staying low. Once the boat takes off and your line is under tension, you will almost automatically stand up. When this happens, you start pushing your handle downwards. This will make it easier to balance your weight on the bar when you want to stand up.

Keep the pressure on your waterski handle by pushing it towards your knees.
How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski
Step 6: Turning

You got out of the water and want to start making turns but how do you do that!?!
Let’s say you want to go to the right: you start with leaning a bit to the right. Once you’ve done that, you start pushing away your inner leg, which is your left leg in this case. By leaning on your right foot and pushing away your left foot you will turn to the right.

The same goes for going left, you lean on your left leg and you start to push away the right foot. Make sure you straighten your back while doing this.
How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski
Step 6: Have fun out there!
Last but not least: Have fun out there and enjoy the ride!
How-to-ski: The fundamentals of waterski
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