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Interview: Preview Max Series 2013 and the recovery of Maxine Sapulette

7 August 2012
Interview: Preview Max Series 2013 and the recovery of Maxine Sapulette
Maxine has been suffering from a shoulder injury for a long time now. Because of this she couldn’t participate in any competitions this year, but Maxine is no girl to sit still! The past months Maxine has been busy coaching and teaching during several Max Clinic Tours. Besides this she has been busy developing her new Jobe Max Series. Here you can read the full interview we did with Maxine Sapulette.

Hi Max, how is your recovery coming along?
It’s looking good! I don’t have to wear my arm sling anymore and I’m having physiotherapy 2-3 times a week. At this moment I am mainly doing strength exercises, I also try to stay as fit as possible.

Which events and competitions are you planning to enter this season?
I can tell you that I will be entering the Protest Cable Call in Nieuwegein on the 25th and 26st of August. I am really looking forward to that! Finally I can enter competitions again!

How did the Max Clinic Tourstops go?
The Max clinics went really well! Some
Interview: Preview Max Series 2013 and the recovery of Maxine Sapulette
were busier than others but everyone was super stoked. Despite of my injury I was able to coach from the dock so overall the clinics were a success.

Despite of your injury was it still possible to teach the participants cool tricks?
I did the coaching from the dock so I could help them with tips & tricks. Most of the participants already were quite good wakeboarders and wanted to learn basic tricks like “180’s”. Lots of riders wanted to start hitting kickers and riding rails. Some of them even took it to the next level and were trying airtricks like raileys and backrolls!

We are all curious, which products will be in the new Max Series?
The Max Series consists of a Max wakeboard (131 and 136 size), Max bindings (size 36 - 41) and of course the Max impact shield (small – large). The Max wakeboard is really lightweight and has an aggressive edge with lots of power. The Max bindings have a sneaker style design and are super comfortable. The Max vest is zipless and has a perfect fit.

Is the Max Series 2013 for beginner or expert wakeboarders?
Interview: Preview Max Series 2013 and the recovery of Maxine Sapulette
The Max Series is made for wakeboarders from every level! Especially with this setup a beginner can progress into a pro!

Can you summarize the Max Series 2013 in 3 words?

Why should people buy the Max Series?
Simply because it’s an AWESOME range! ;)

Thanks for your time Maxine, any last words?
See you soon on the water!
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