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Interview with Jobe rider Moti Levi

4 November 2011
Interview with Jobe rider Moti Levi
In the summertime Jobe rider Moti Levi, from Israel, made a trip to the Netherlands and visited the Jobe office! For us a nice opportunity to ask him some questions!

1. What is passing through your mind right now?
Wow! I am at the Jobe office! How does everything work, it’s very impressive and interesting!

2. What did you eat last night?
Chicken with Humus (it’s Israeli food, which my mum made! YUM!) and salad.

3. If you could possess the power of a super hero, which one would you be?

4. Why?
So I could fly!

5. What is your favorite quote and where is it from?
“No worries! Everything has already passed” It’s from the army.

6. If you could bring three things to an uninhabited island what would it be?
A surfboard, a Jobe board short and food! Oh no, I mean a woman.

7. Have you ever read a “…… for Dummies” book?

8. What is your favorite day in the week and why?
Friday, because it’s weekend! In Israel the weekend is the opposite of other countries. Friday is like Saturday and Saturday is like Sunday. Sunday we have to work.

9. Do you like cooking? If yes what do you like to cook?
Yes! I like to cook Chinese food.

10. If no, who is cooking for you?
My Mum!

11. How many times did you see “The Titanic”?
4 times I guess!

12. How many times did you tried to avoid “The Titanic”?
2 or 3 times!

13. What is your favorite “made in China” product?
The cover of my IPhone! If it is made in China…

14. What were you afraid of when you was a little child?
Chickens! I was afraid they would stab me.

15. And who were afraid of you when you were a little child?
The kids at school! Hahaha!

16. Have you ever made a decision by tossing a coin? If yes, which one?
Who goes first with wakeboarding, when it’s cold.

17. What was the most embarrassing nickname your parents gave you?
Motale. It’s just a stupid name…

18. Which famous person would you like to meet?
Unfortunately he already died, Bob Marley.

19. If you were invited for a “Saint and sinners” party, what would you wear?
As a big naughty Pooh Bear!

20. How many languages do you speak?
2, Hebrew and English.

21. If you could be another person for one day, who will it be and what would you do?
Jack Johnson. Surfing and making music. Sounds like a dream!

22. How many pairs of shoes have you got?
3 or 4.

23. At what time do you wake up?
8 a.m.

24. Which song do you sing along loud when it is on the radio?
Jack Johnson, Break Down.

25. Who makes you happy?
The waves!

26. Who is your favorite cartoon hero?
Bugs Bunny!

27. What is the most useless thing you ever bought?
A flute. I didn’t even try it.

28. Pick one and tell why:
- Sea or lake?
Sea, for surfing and lake for wakeboarding!

- Canal or lake?
Lake, because of the cable!

- Asleep or awake?
Awake. We can sleep when we die.
Interview with Jobe rider Moti Levi

- Free ride or contest?
Free ride, it is more stylish.

- By car or by plane?
By plane, because it’s faster!

- Single or girlfriend?

- Cash or Credit card?
Cash. It is easier.

- Sweet or sour?
Sweet, sweet is more loved.

- Typing or writing?
Writing, it’s more simple.

- Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan?
Bruce Lee, he is good!

- Safe or dangerous?
Safe, it’s more relaxed.

- Take away or restaurant?
Take away. I like a good hamburger!

- Superman or Spiderman?
Bugs Bunny!

- Batman or Robin?
Batman! He is the best! And Robin hasn’t got his own car!

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