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Interview with Jobe rider Steven Akkersdijk!

Once in a while we highlight one of our riders. This time it’s the turn to kiteboarder Steven Akkersdijk. He just gave an interview to The Kite Mag about his career, competitions and his future plans. We give you an exclusive sneak preview of this interview from The Kite Mag with Jobe rider Steven, a.k.a. Mr. Big!

Who is Steven Akkersdijk?
Steven Akkersdijk is a 21 years old kitesurfer from the Netherlands. He started 7 year ago after a few years riding his dirt bike. He likes to be on the water and he’s loving to be up and high in the sky.

What does he love?
This big air rider has a lot of diversity. He knows different wind conditions ask for different riding styles. He loves to be out and hitting waves on a strapless board or throwing some handle passes on a board with bindings. He’s currently riding on the Core GTS3.

What was his experience on the Red Bull King of the Air (KOTA)?
Steven said this year’s KOTA was a lot different from the other. There were some bad wind conditions so the competition was run over three days. It took more time for Steven so he could rest, but also get a little nervous..

Wondering about the whole interview? Read all about it in The Kite Mag!

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