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Jobe @ the Protest Cable Call

19 Juli 2011
On the 13th and 14th of August the Protest Cable Call takes place at Down Under, Nieuwegein (The Netherlands). This wakeboard contest is the third stop of the WWA Wake Park world Series. Jobe is proud to pronounce they will be an official partner of this event.

Please check the official press release of Protest below.

World champions Tom Fooshee and Maxine Sapulette to appear at the 2011 Protest Cable Call
The second edition of the Protest Cable Call will take place on Saturday the13th and Sunday the 14th of August at Down Under in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Alongside reigning WWA world champion Tom Fooshee (US) and Maxine Sapulette (NL) other international riders including Frederic von Osten (DE) and Lior Sofer (IL) have confirmed their presence. This lays the foundations for a strong competitive field at the Dutch stop of the WWA Wake Park World Series. More international and national participants to be announced soon.

Pro Men Wakeskate
The Pro Men Wakeskate discipline was added this year alongside the Pro Men, Pro Women and Open Men competitions. Wakeskating is like skateboarding in the sense that there are no bindings and you stand on the board in your sneakers or bare feet whilst negotiating the course.

During the two-day event, bystanders can immerse themselves in the wakeboard scene, enjoy the world’s top riders in action, check out the shopping street or have a go at the Teva Playground 2.0, where the latest Jobe boards can be tested. Furthermore, Q-music will be in charge of the tunes over the weekend and, on Saturday night, Lenny Keylard & Dreadalikes will perform.

Wakeboard background
Wakeboarding and wakeskating are young, rapidly developing sports which incorporate techniques from snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. Water, speed and the board are this sport’s basic ingredients. Wakeboarding/wakeskating utilise the wake which develops behind a boat to do tricks on. In cable wakeboarding/wakeskating it is the cable’s pull and the acceleration in the turns which are used to perform tricks.
Obstacles such as rails and ramps in the water provide extra options for specific tricks and moves. Back rolls, front rolls, mobes, board slides, ollies and whirlybirds to name but a few.

The name Protest Cable Call says it all; this world tour stop is dedicated to the discipline of cable wakeboarding/wakeskating. A sport that is accessible to many thanks to the many cableways in the Netherlands. It is therefore not surprising that many Dutch riders occupy top spots in the world ranking. An interesting fact is that the speed the riders are pulled along is approximately 30 km/h. And this speed is ramped up in the turns enabling jumps of 4 to 5 metres high. It’s clearly not a sport for the timid.

Date: 13 & 14 August 2011
Jobe @ the Protest Cable Call

Location: Down Under recreatie Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
Website: www.protestcablecall.com

2011 WWA Wake Park World Series
Tour stop 1: July 7 & 8, Canada
Tour stop 2: July 23 & 24, USA
Tour stop 3: August 13 & 14, the Netherlands
Tour stop 4: August 27 & 28, Germany
Tour stop 5: September 16 & 17, USA

For further information, images and accreditation, please contact:
Fresh Communications
Karianne Kraaijestein / Jenny van der Knaap
email: jenny.vanderknaap@freshcomms.com
tel: 020-4082278

About Protest:
Protest is a design-driven boardwear brand from the Netherlands. Alongside creating beautiful, functional clothes, the organisation centres on helping everyone overcome the obstacles that get in the way of boarding. Protest's mission is: ‘To help everyone ride more’. The objective: to get as much pleasure as you can from the things you do. Protest To Get There. www.protest.eu

About the World Wakeboard Association
The WWA is a non-profit organisation founded by wakeboarders to promote, support and further develop the sport. This is achieved by organising and supporting wakeboarding events around the world. The WWA consists of riders, organisers, sponsors and WWA members. www.thewwa.com

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