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Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!

17 November 2017

Looking for a rope: differences and tips & tricks to connect.

Ropes are easy to oversee between all the cool, shiny watersports stuff and are probably the most neglected and forgotten pieces of watersports equipment. But actually, a rope forms the base of most watersports. Jobe has got many ropes and handles, for everyone on the water. It doesn’t matter if you want to ski, wakeboard or wakesurf, investing in a good rope is your smartest decision of this season. 

The biggest difference between wake ropes and other sort of ropes, is that wakeboard ropes are typically a lot different than your typical waterski or towable rope. Therefore we advise to use specified ropes for different forms of watersports.


A typical wakeboard rope - spectra ropes - don't stretch as much as other ropes and are incredibly strong. These ropes are used behind the boat,

Look for a very little or no stretch line, for the cleanest pops. These wake handles are going to get you the best air. The size is dependent of the size of your boat. Sections can differ, but wake-ropes usually between 55 to 70+ feet. The rope should get you on the prime place behind the boat, where the wake is the biggest. Our advise is to spend a little more on your wakeboard rope than other rope because if you take good care of it, these ropes tend to last longer.

Wakeboard handles have a little bit wider and have softer foam on the handle and are a little wider, to prevent wear and tear of the hand and make it easier to do for instance 360 without stumbling over a little handle. Most high-end luxurious ropes, like the Jobe Spectra Wake Rope - are PVC coated meaning they are tangle-free due to an abrasion free snag resistant cover and therefore super durable.

On a budget

Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!
Jobe Wake Combo Red
Free your mind and start easy. This entry level wakeboard set's with EVA grip gives you a lively feeling. Its pencil floats keep your precious rope away from propellers and make it easy to retrieve. The Prime Wake Combo Red is everything you need for a sky-high ride.

Spenders favorite

Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!
Jobe Wake Handle Frontier
The Frontier is our most luxurious handle. With a 4mm EVA -foam molded handle with a diamond-stitched leather layer, you certainly have swagger on the water. Ride with class with an extremely light-weight leather grip, and a spectra rope with maximum stiffness and durability.


Choosing a towable-rope is fully dependent of what kind of towable you have. If you have a 1-person tube, you go with a 1-person rope. If you have a 6 -person rope, you go with a rope that can pull a maximum of 2767kg. The rope corresponds to the size of the tube. Keep in mind, you can always go higher (so a bigger rope for a smaller tube), but never go down!

Fun fact.
For us budget means: simple & safe. But when spending a little bit more and going with a bungee rope, you can create a whole dimension to your well-know towable riding.

On a budget

Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!
Jobe 2 Person Towable Rope
Riding the water together. How cosy is that? Our super strong towropes are engineered and pull big tubes and 2 persons, up to 1077 KG! It has an unique and notable pattern and stainless steel hooks to carry real monsters!

Spenders favorite

Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!
Jobe Bungee Rope
Go totally tubular with a Bungee rope, that can carry up to 4 persons! This extremely strong rope boosts your ride like never before and can carry up to 1467 KG! That is what they call extreme fun. The Bungee Rope reduces stress to on both towable and boat.


The ski-rope is the easiest and most ‘normal’ rope out there, made out of nylon. It will stretch some, they normally stretch or have the possibility to be seperated into sections that you pull, to make the skiing more challenging (mostly for skiing in the course). They are normally 70 to 75 feet. The handle is often shorter & harder, and equipped with harder foam. It gives the skier more grip and better response. And because waterskiers are mostly falling to the front of their skis, a shorter handle will prevent the user getting tangled up in the rope.

On a budget

Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!
Jobe Ski Combo Transfer Red
Jobe's Ski combo transfer rope is an all-purpose, recreational and fun rope which can be used for all water sports. It's soft and comfy rubber grip, make the Ski Combo transfer red a lovely addition to your water sport gear

Spenders favorite

Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!
Jobe 15 Easy Up Deep V Deluxe Slalom Rope
Good quality and good looks. The Easy Up Deep V Deluxe is engineered with a luxurious EVA grip and pencil floats to support floatation. The extravagant look make you look like a pro and makes starts easier.

Kneeboarding – ropes

The typical kneeboard line is comparable with a ski-rope and can be – just like a ski-rope - be divided into different sections. Use less stretchy ropes (or a wakeboard rope) for kneeboarding with tricks. We have chosen to produce just one, luxurious handle for kneeboards, the Omnia and Stimmel.
Jobe to the rescue: Don't get tangled in the ropes!
Jobe Tow Hook Handle
Wham! Our designers stayed up all night, to design this tow hook handle. Engineered just for our kneeboards and Omnia and Stimmel we this luxurious and super-durable tow hook handle. Connect with the hook on the board for an easier start. And you're off!
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