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Love going on outdoor trips to discover nature?

18 Mai 2016
We quote: Freedom is the sense of carelessness while discover nature on bare feet. On a SUP.

If you like to SUP long distances: the key is a speedy SUP. Our Aero SUP 11.6 is tall and small due to its pointed nose. The longer Aero SUP 12.6is perfect for even more advanced riders: it’s even smaller. Yet both are really fast. If you can handle them. They come with a bungee system so you can take with you whatever you love on your journey. Don’t forget to mount your camera on the front, to capture the best #jobemoments.

Every SUP leads to new stories of nature wonders. If you want to move easily during your trip: an inflatable SUP is our lightest SUP. So lighten your load and keep your back happy. They come with little goodies in a waterproof bag. A pump, a leash and a repair kit. 

Next to our inflatable SUPs, please do not forget our bamboo-beauties. Because they have the beauty and the brains. Made by nature, to discover nature. Plus a little present for you: A rail saver.

If you want to paddle like a pro, finish off with a professional lightweight . Our most lightweight paddle with a large surface make you cut through the water like a hot knife through butter.

Experience the sweet relief of getting outside.

To celebrate life.

Jobe SUPing in the Ardennes
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