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Meet the revamped Jobe bindings

25 Januar 2019
Jobe bindings have been completely revamped for 2019. What is new in these bindings? We stepped up our game with our designs and upgraded features to make sure you’ll achieve next season’s wake goals. There’s a Jobe binding for every level of riding and every budget. Read on to get to know all ins and outs and find out which one matches your preferences!

All Jobe bindings have a new heel panel in 2019 to make sure getting in and out of your binding becomes much easier and smoother. We also upgraded the looks to make them look much faster and more recognizable.

Why and when should you choose a closed toe or an open toe binding?

Is it just you who is going to use the binding? Then a closed toe binding is your bet. When others, with different feet sizes, use it too you’re better off using an open toe binding. Find a closed toe in the Jobe Nitro and EVO drift bindings.

Jobe Nitro Bindings

The Nitro binding has the most favorable price-quality ratio out there and is loved for it. This binding gives you the solid high-end feel. The comfortable foam liner gives this binding a soft feel, while the flex panels give this binding the flex where you want it while staying supportive. This setup will help you to unleash some tweaks and nasty looking presses. Available in black and cool grey.
Meet the revamped Jobe bindings Meet the revamped Jobe bindings
Jobe EVO Drift bindings

The modular EVO bindings feature a sneaker, skin and binding. It has a direct response on your board! The reason is that it has 4 screws under your feet and therefore more contact points on your board.
Meet the revamped Jobe bindings Meet the revamped Jobe bindings Meet the revamped Jobe bindings
Jobe Republik Bindings

The Republic has a new Velcro strap on the top for extra reinforcement. This gives more ankle support and keeps your heel in place for added responsiveness. The laces at the bottom give a snug fit which is topped of by the extra ankle support due to the strap.
Meet the revamped Jobe bindings
Jobe Host Bindings

A binding with a comfortable liner, the Host has a high comfort level with open toe accessibility. This binding uses Velcro for easy on the spot adjustments. The perfect binding when you want comfort and fit in multiple shoe sizes. Available in blue and pink.
Meet the revamped Jobe bindings Meet the revamped Jobe bindings
Jobe Unit Bindings

Looking for your first binding with great comfort and correct sizing? Look no further. Due to it’s paneling, it has a nice flex and it’s a better fit then the Maze. Perfect when your feet are still growing and you want a binding to progress with you over a period of 2 or 3 seasons.
Meet the revamped Jobe bindings
Jobe Maze Bindings

The Jobe Maze is our budget binding and perfect for beginners. The maze is an open-toe binding with a lot of flex for a forgiving ride. It comes in one universal size and introduces you to the world of wake!
Meet the revamped Jobe bindings
Step up your game in 2019! Combine your Jobe bindings with Jobe wakeboards for very favorable price-quality ratio's. 
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