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The new 2016 Jobe wetsuit range is here!

6 Oktober 2015
We want you to enjoy all important aspects of life. We want you to have fun. To make memories with your loved ones. To enjoy absolute freedom. To have your heart filled with unforgettable moments. To discover beautiful places. To relax. But also to feel excited and getting that adrenaline rush. How? By sharing our passion for watersports with you. Because watersports is doing all of that. 
Our mission is to get you on the water. Every day we are working hard to make that happen. And every day we are working hard developing new products to make your life on the water both easier and more fun. Enhancing your performance is what we aim for.
Wetsuits are essential when you want to get the most out of your passion for water. They keep you warm, give you extra flexibility, comfort ánd protection. Our wetsuits utilize industry leading materials and construction methods. They all consist of Nuclear Flex neoprene, making them highly flexible and stretchy. They also contain various types of special stitchings like Comfortlock and Xtend Force Seams. This all results in a maximum level of comfort and freedom of movement, as the wetsuits behave like a second skin on your body!
We also want you to be able to enjoy the water all year long. Therefore our wetsuits keep your body at the perfect temperature for literally every weather condition you can imagine. Jobe winter wetsuits use either Meltdown or Aqualkiller thermo-materials, making them warm and feel really soft. The latter also has a special draining-system, making sure your wetsuit dries in no-time! They all come with special Chestzips, Backzips (available with and without Anti-Chill Shields) and are available in various thicknesses. Some even contain a cutting line so you can transform your wetsuit from a version with long pipes to a version with short ones!
Next to that, Jobe wetsuits are specifically designed for you to enjoy the water in style. Our wetsuits appear in various trendy colors and models, because we believe you should discover all those beautiful places in the world while you look good.

Dress to impress and jump into your second skin now!

The new 2016 Jobe wetsuit range is here!
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