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Wake in Egypt: the EA Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships

Status Jobe EA Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships

The EA cable wakeboard & wakeskate championships are on! This is the current status.

Sick tricks

Mobe5’s en 315’s – we saw some beyond sick tricks already, and we want more. Congrats to our riders Dale, Steph and Kieran who have written history with their UK prices.

 Who's in?

1. Sam De Haan
2. Ariano Blanik
3. Ruben Van Amerongen
4. Loic Deschaux – Boys final 8e
5. Kieran Owens- Boys Final 3e
6. Dale Crossley – Masters Men Final 3e
7. Steph Caller – Masters Ladies Final 1e
8. Juliette Labelle – Momenteel 2e heat is nog bezig
9. Joachim Bertelsen
10. Kallum Wilson

For Jobe’s Sam, Ruben, Ariano and Joachim the competition in slidercablepark starts today. Special props to Joachim, who is recovering from his injury.

Steph Caller


Team Jobe certainly does well under certain circumstances, only it is apparently windy and because of the chop (waves by the wind, these egyptian conditions are not-so-perfect for our boys & girls).

Athletes really have to fight for their place on the podium and to land their tricks. Loic DeSchuax has had some falls due to the wind but has certainly sailed well. We think Ruben is a true contender.

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