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Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙

31 Mai 2017
The perfect combi is everything: meet our JANE. collection. Wake essentials to go wild.
Jobe’s wetsuits are designed for great performances so you can enjoy that delicious water all day every day. And because a wetsuit is just a wetsuit (hell, no!), our designers always add a little extra every time. The result is some lovely fresh designs this spring. Take our Victoria, this uber-feminine wetsuit comes with a reversible option: easily switch from an mystery dark print to sultry sirene. And how about do them both?

Wake to the wild in green neoprene: discover our JANE.collection.
Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙
Don't think in obstacles but if you do, do it right. Our new Armada is our most flexiest and not-so-average feminine board with noticeable press technology for an exciting and explosive feeling on the water. Thin, feather light and girly-but-not-much: this girl's board is a constant performer and real rail killer. A fullwood core offers maximum strength and flexibility, plus controlled flex to lock in pressures. No worries! This board comes with ABS rail protection damage and a H.I.T. base coat for protection and shock redemption.Who run the rails? 

Overall flex
Its ultra-thin wood core give this board its flex, making pressing the rails easier.

The Armada has a single concave channel for optimal locking in pipe rails and its wide shape makes it stable and fast on features. Its hybrid rocker – a blend of the three-stage-rocker and the continuous rocker - brings the best of both worlds: fast poppin’ and consistency.

Nature core
A strong and solid full wood construction offer controlled flex on features and absorbs hard blows on the water.

• Girls flex wakeboard
• The ultimate rail killer for girls
• Most flexiest board for girls in the range.
• ABS Sidewalls
• Flex
• Nature Core
• Press tech
• Hybrid rocker

 Sofia 3/2

The best suit is a wetsuit. This one is made of nuclear flex neoprene which gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. Next to the fact that it simply looks good, it feels good too due to a comfortable stitch construction, which feels ultra-soft on your skin.The added ultra-resistant and ultra-high endurance kneepads protect against abrasion.Wow, that feels good.
Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙
Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙

Ins and outs Sofia 3/2 

3/2 mm neoprene
Full flex neoprene
Glued stitched construction
Minimal seam technology

ULTIMATE COMBI☙ Victoria 3/2 (reversible). 
This beauty is produced with meltdown technology at the chest and back providing warmth, comfort and flexibility during your watersport activities. The combination of advanced technologies makes the Victoria the perfect basis for a wonderful day on the water.
Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙

Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙
Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙

Wake to the wild: our new JANE. collection☙

Ins and outs Victoria 3/2
3/2 mm neoprene
Partially thermo lining
Full flex neoprene
Back zipper
Stitched construction
Protective kneepad

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