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5 things you need to know

15 Juni 2017
There are certain thing you want to know before you start SUPping, so it’s good to know whatsSUP before you hit the water. But have no fear, the Jobe crew is here! WThese are the things you need to ay attention to, before buying your own precious SUP-board.

Different types of SUP boards
If you think all SUP boards are the same, guess again. There are different types of SUP boards for different kind of activities. Allround boards are most common because they’re the Jack Of All Trades, but Masters of None.

An allround board can be used for all kinds of activities and are great for families.
Then there are Touring boards which are made for the advanced boarders who like to SUP a good distance. Surf SUP boards are usually shorter Bamboo SUP boards which have great response and turn initiation. And last but not least there are Yoga SUP boards for those who like to be flexible and nimble, on the water!

What size of paddleboard do I need?
Every size of SUP has a different weight category to keep in mind. So find out how much you weigh (even if it’s a painful moment) and check out what size is best for your weight.

The differences between bamboo SUPs and inflatable SUPs.
The difference between a bamboo and inflatable SUP are the following. Inflatable SUP boards can easily be stored in a bag and you can take them anywhere you want. Although the bamboo board aren’t as easy to transport, they offer more response. This enhanced response is loved amongst the more advanced SUP fanatics amongst us.

Storing your paddle board.
Make sure you store your SUP properly, preferably in a SUP bag. You don’t want to damage that pretty board now, right?

Price/quality = don't go cheap.
Good equipment comes with a price and SUPping is not an exception. Never go for the cheap stuff, we know it looks tempting but in the long run, you would do yourself a favor by spending some extra bucks.

So there you have it, the basics you have to know before you run to the store to buy a SUP board. But what if you want to get a taste of SUP first? Then we reckon you want to check out our SUP2ThePeople website, so you can rent a SUP first. The most important thing to also know is: Have Fun!
5 things you need to know
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