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6 signs in your daily routines that indicate you should SUP

6 Mai 2016
Evolution of mankind has now brought us far away from the daily routines that our old-ancestors used to have. Of course there are many advantages of our increased standard of living, but it is important to keep our basic needs in mind. Basic human needs for our body and soul. Basic human needs that can be satisfied with SUP!

Chances are your daily routines (work, hobbies) hold you back to flourish in one of these basic human needs. Read on to get to know why you need to change your routines and what you can do about it. Live like we are supposed to live!

1. Be happy again. Humans aren’t simply made staying inside the whole day. You need the fresh air, you need the sunlight and its vitamins! Going outside makes us happier and healthier. And that makes life better.

2. Be strong again. Most of us sit for too long during an average day. We work while we sit, we drive cars while we sit, we even go to the toilet sitting… All leading to the fact that our body postures collapse. Mankind is simply not made to sit all day. Research shows us that you shouldn’t sit continuously for more than 30 minutes. SUP is the perfect solution to this. It is a perfect work-out with massive effects. You train your core, as well as your legs. And with training these muscles keep your cholesterol on healthy levels as well and you improve your body posture again.

3. Be creative again. Discover the world. New environments and nature stimulate you mentally and being outdoors similarly boosts creative inspiration. On the water, you will find an incredible diversity in all her glory that will defninitely get you creative again!

4. Be zen again. Nowadays we are subject to a lot of stress and anxiety. But you can create your own stress free zone on the SUP! Let time melt away and forget about your tight schedules. Appreciate life in its natural circles. Listen to the relaxing sounds of water and do a yoga work-out while watching the sun rise. Yoga brings you physical and mental discipline and will help you to achieve peacefulness. Be curious again. Being in your comfort zone feels calm and safe. However, everything that you want to achieve happens outside of your comfort zone. By trying something new you’ll see the awesomeness of life. It will teach to you look at matters from another perspective. Creativity lies outside of your comfort zone.

5. Be like a fish (again). In evolutionary terms, it all started with water. Some theories suggest we love nature and water because we evolved in it. Let’s find those fishy feelings;)

Experience the benefits of SUP. Let’s do it!

With love - Jobe

6 signs in your daily routines that indicate you should SUP
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