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A chitchat with professional wakeboard rider Christian Koester

2 April 2012
Coming 2nd in the WWA Rail Europeans in 2011 and getting his own CliCK Series, CK is flying high at the moment. On the 8th of March he visited the Jobe HQ to talk about his Pro Series for 2013. After this he strengthened the Jobe team at the Amsterdam Boat Show to promote his CliCK Series. In between we got the chance to ask him some questions.

Check out this short catch up with CK;

A chitchat with professional wakeboard rider Christian Koester
CK promoting the CliCK Series
Hi CK, How are you?
Yes I am fine! I am stoked to be here! Just had some good meetings. I always enjoy visiting the Jobe Head Quarters very much. The team is very easy to work with and always makes me feel at home. It’s also always super productive getting all things needed done.

Thanks CK! We totally agree, it is nice to have you here! So just wondering; what have you been up to lately?
Just had my knee surgery. They removed all the cartilage from my knee, which takes away the pain. So I started training carefully to get strong again for the season. I am cycling a lot, going to the gym and do everything to strengthen up my knee.
On the 27th of March I will be off to Thailand for a 3,5 week training.

We hope you get well soon! Just curious, how is the promotion of your CliCK Series going?
The CliCK Series are finally out! People can buy them now and it is in all shops. Last week I sold the first board including bindings to a guy. People are really enthusiastic about the series and are dying to try them.

So what is next to promote the Series?
In the upcoming season we will organise the CliCK Clinic Tour. People can come over to several cables to test the CliCK Series. I will be there to give instructions and a demo. I am really looking forward to spread the knowledge of the CliCK Series. These are the best venues to teach people wakeboarding and how to ride the CliCK.

Could you give us a sneak preview of the 2013 CliCK Series?
We finalised the graphics for the soft goods and bindings, but will tell more about that later in the season as I want people to focus on the 2012 CliCK Series, which will definitely rock! ļ

Of course! No doubt about that! What do you think of the Amsterdam Boat show?
It’s nice! It is good to check out how it’s done in Holland and to walk around the Boat Show. It’s quite similar to the London Boat Show, but a little smaller, but it’s good and the Jobe stand is big and looks great!

As we have to move on with the Boat Show, we would like to thank you for your time! Is there anything in particular you want to add to the interview?
Say thanks to all my sponsors to make my dreams come true! Thanks to my home cable and thanks to my family and friends who have always been supporting me through hard times. And don’t forget to buy the CliCK Series!!! Hope to see you all this season!
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