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Discover our six best-sellers: Paddles

Paddle peeps!

Your paddle is your own motor powered by you. We offer an extended range of paddles which each have their own unique looks, performances, characters and price. Go for a stable price quality ratio and go for a true family or a featherlight, 100% carbon pro-paddle. Upgraded in our range is the empowering freedom stick. Its updated and stiffer blade cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter – maximal power, minimal fuzz. Or just go with the flow: this where the top 5 best-sellers of this season.

1. Paddle Carbon Pro 3 pcs
A paddle as strong as a Titan and as light as a feather. Designed for real performers! Our Paddle Carbon Pro 3pc made out of 100% carbon is an eye-catcher. The paddle is adjustable to your height, and is super durable featuring an ABS rail to tour like a pro.

2. Aluminium Paddle 3 pcs
This aluminum SUP paddle with comfortable T-grip and fiberglass reinforced nylon blade, is 3-piece adjustable.

3. Jobe SUP Paddle Fiberglass 3pc Blue 4. Jobe SUP Paddle Fiberglass 3pc Green 5. Jobe SUP Paddle Fiberglass 3pc Vintage Blue
Smoothly paddle the waters with this lightweight and floatable paddle. We designed this paddle with a comfortable T-grip, fiberglass shaft. This fiberglass paddle is two-piece adjustable, making it super easy to store in your SUP bag.

6.Jobe SUP Paddle Bamboo Classic
This lightweight paddle has a sweet bamboo look and is adjustable in height - up to 220cm -. It has a stiff blade with an EPS foam core and a superior carbon T-grip. Matches perfectly with our bamboo SUPs.

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