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How useful is a lightweight SUP-board?

24 Januar 2018
We know what you think: an inflatable SUP-board is light by definition, right? Wrong! True, the air that is inside is the same for every type of SUP-board, but that is where it stops. Because of Jobe’s pre-laminated heat bonded technology, Jobe inflatable boards are as much as 2 kilograms lighter (or 4.4 pounds)!

What can I do with that?

1. Imagine you just inflated your board on the parking lot where you parked your car. But the trip to the water is still 100 meters away, including 2 stairs to take. The two kilograms that you save will definitely make a difference! Especially when you have to maneuver yourself through the small stairs and its high railings.

2. Imagine you have to move 10 fully inflated boards each day for 25 meters. Save yourself 20 kilograms, or as much as 2 complete Jobe boards, each time. Do that twice a day and you are saving yourself having to move 40 bags (1 kg) of potatoes each day! Save your energy for the things that matter.

3. Imagine yourself hiking on a day trip to end up with a beautiful lake where you want to paddle. Just take the waterproof Aero SUP backpack with you on the trip and notice how you saved yourself a lot of energy (and a back that hurts) by not having to carry those 2 bags of potatoes with you for 5 kilometers.

4. Imagine yourself going on a holiday to a country far away. It’s rivers are so beautiful that you decide to take your SUP-board with you. While checking in for your airplane the maximum weight for your extra bag is 10 kilograms. Fortunately you brought a lightweight board with you so you won’t have to pay extra fees!

With a little bit more of imagination you can see that lightweight has a lot of practical advantages.

How is this possible?

The inside of our Aero range consists of a high density of nylon threads, fused to a solid PVC-coated base cloth by pre-laminated heat bonded technology. This process is heat controlled and performed by machine removing all possible human errors. Two layers of drop stitch reinforcements protects and strengthens Jobe boards to its max. All processes together, make a Jobe board glide through the water like a hot knife through butter. It makes an inflatable 2 kilo lighter. It also makes it stiffer, stronger, extremely airtight and most importantly: super durable.

How useful is a lightweight SUP-board?

This is innovation.
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