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Paddling-motivation: reduce stress and lose stored fat with SUP

25 Juli 2017

Reduce stress and lose stored fat with stand up paddling

‘Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness’. This is Wikipedia’s def of physical health. But what does overall health and wellness really means for you? If you are heading to the gym after a long day at the office, only to force yourself on a large black machine, all the while just trying to just get through the next 60 minutes you will spend going nowhere fast… Is that sport to enhance overall health and wellness, or is that burning calories because you think you've eaten to much.

This is merely an activity you have chosen which is inducing a stress response upon your endocrine system and telling your body - “We are in a crisis mode. Please do not burn fat for energy.” And therein lies the reason, so many people you see in the gym year after year look the same. All those sweaty people think the only way to lose weight is to punish yourself with movements that most of the time: aren't good for your body.

Later examinations of the human body proves natural things that invigorates and ignites passion, pleasure are directly related and resonates with our human need for fresh air, nature, and sunshine, not to mention “enhancing overall health and wellness”.

Paddling-motivation: reduce stress and lose stored fat with SUP

We think physical exercise that “enhances overall health and wellness” should be something this:

Stand up paddling induces a relaxation response

Anytime the body is in “stress mode” and the sympathetic nervous system is trying to protect you, your brain will send signals to store fat for energy, in the event of the apparent ensuing crisis. You will be hard pressed to ever feel stressed about Stand Up Paddling. Perhaps a long tour over rivers will work, and the euphoria that comes along with it after paddling will enance complete relaxation throughout your nervous system. And you shall see you will slim down - It’s okay to let go of stored body fat for energy your body says.

Paddling-motivation: reduce stress and lose stored fat with SUP

Stand up paddling isn't hard

Our bodies are not meant to be under large amounts of chronic stress, be it the stress of running a household, business, or the stress put on the body running intensely during your work out. Our ancestors did “meaningful” movement throughout their day because they were passionate about planting, growing, and harvesting food for their family.

Just be sure that if your goal is to get fit, lose inches, build a better body, and enhance overall health and wellness that you are not stressing the body out with meaningless movement of mundane proportion, along with too much intensity that breaks down the body rather than building a better one. It’s time to choose “meaningful movement”. So, grab your board, grab your paddle and get your dose of “Vitamin SUP” that will turn that stress into peace, and turn that intense feeling into an immense feeling of movement you love❤
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