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Required boat speeds for water sports activities

Required boat speeds for water sports activities

Combo skiing, slalom skiing, wakeboarding, tubing… and the list goes on. These are all different kind of watersports activities that are towed behind the boat. Did you know that different water sport activities require different boat speeds? Below an easy to read overview of what you should know before setting boat speed. Safety first!

Watersports activity MPH   KMH  
Combi Skiing 25 40
Slalom Skiing 19-36 30-57
Wakeboarding 16-19 25-30
Kneeboarding 16-19 25-30
Tubing 8-25 12-40
Multi position boards 16-19 25-30

An important addition to the above chart: make sure that you keep communication with the person you are towing. If he shows you the hand signal to go slower, please go slower. The towing speed preference might vary per person because of experience.

Also make sure that you keep safe distance from other boats, and make sure you retrieve the towed person safely.

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