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Sneak preview 2013 collection

5 September 2012
Sneak preview 2013 collection

Fortunately the 2012 water sports season isn’t over yet, but behind the scenes our Jobe design team is very busy finalizing the 2013 collection. Below you can find some important 2013 highlights.

Soft Goods
For the 2013 soft good collection (wetsuits, vests etc.) we will introduce 3 completely new product lines. Each style has its own qualities, artwork, colour and target group.
One style is more family orientated and for recreational use. The other style is for a younger target group and for intensive use. The third style includes a PWC range. All three styles are designed in different colours which can be mixed and matched perfectly.

This way we have products for customers from all kinds of target groups in our collection.

Hard goods
This year Jobe has entered a new era in which independence, innovation, ambition and passion take an important role. This trend will be continued in the 2013 collection.

This mainly shows in the new wakeboard collection which is more extreme, more creative and more innovative. The collection is extended with several new wakeboards, 3 new shapes and lots of new techniques.
Nowadays there are more and more boards which feature a wood core instead of foam. On some of the boards this is visible as the top layer of the boards is partially transparent. Several board shapes and graphics have been made in close collaboration with Jobe sponsored athletes. (Austin Hair, CK Koester, Maxine Sapulette and new for 2013, Declan Clifford)

Besides this almost all slalom bindings have been upgraded, all hard good products in the rental range have been renewed and a new jet ski helmet will be introduced.

Also the towable range has been progressed. This year Jobe added a steerable towable to the collection; the Bumble Bee. Following the positive sales rates, Jobe decided to add more steerable tubes to the 2013 range. These tubes have a round base and fins on the back. Besides this the 2013 range includes a kids tube as well.

Finally a completely new product will be added to the Jobe range. If you want to know which product this is, please keep a close eye on our newsletters and website.
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