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SUP-talk: Master your paddle stroke like a pro

5 April 2017
SUP-talk: Master your paddle stroke like a pro

If you’re hitting the water for the first time this season (or maybe for the first time ever), you may want to be refreshed with some tips. Today: how to get the perfect paddle stroke.

Just like golf, the perfect paddle stroke is everything if you want to improve your skill level. Many of stand up paddle athletes state that mastering your paddle stroke, is everything. So, how to become a boss?

1. Having a proper posture

Like your mother kept saying back in the days, stand up straight! To stay stable and prevent injuries, you have to keep an upright posture. Bend your hips a little and do not roll your back to much. Remember: it’s all about the legs and not about bending your back.

2. Choose the right paddle for you.

Just like Harry Potter found his magic wand in Oliver’s dark store, you need to invest in the right paddle for you. The right material, the proper length in proportion to your height and the right blade size are factors you need to focus on.

Once you had that magic sparkle in the store (or online, check our full paddle collection here), you should adjust it properly to your height. A loose rule you can follow to make sure the paddle is the right length is to put your arm up in the air and lay your wrist on the handle.

3. Take it easy and loosen your grip

Make sure you do not hold the shaft of your paddle too tightly. Loosen up your grip gives you a better reach and saves you a lot of energy during paddling.

4. Reach for the stars!

One of the main tricks to have a great paddle stroke is to get as much reach as you can per stroke. Simply said: you have to dig deeper and use our body to get the most optimal reach. Extend those arms and pull the blade next to your body.

So now it’s time to bring your new skills into practice, you pro.

SUP-talk: Master your paddle stroke like a proSUP-talk: Master your paddle stroke like a pro
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