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How-to-make power pics on your SUP

22 september 2016
‘Hi adventure, I want to share you’

Of course, you want to capture all the prettiness you’ll face along the road. How to make the funniest/prettiest pictures while supping? Note: These pictures are made with a waterproof camera;)

Pose pose pose

The selfie.
There is no better camera for doing selfies than the GoPro. Make sure you keep the camera above you, to avoid that 10-kilo-more-than-reality look;)

How-to-make power pics on your SUP

The shark.
Place your camera under you SUP-board in shallow water.

Power pics

The greek god pose.
Lay down the camera on your SUP and set it on around 5-10 seconds. Try to imitate Zeus, and voila.

How to make thisHow-to-make power pics on your SUPHow-to-make power pics on your SUP

Chillin’ pose
: the more laid-back look.

power pictures

The lonely rider.
(Not really lonely, if you let someone else take the pic).



Landscape pics. The GoPro can take amazing landscape pictures. However, the fish eye lens can distort your horizon line if you do not have one in the center of your picture (where the sky meets land). Solution? Tilt your camera down just a bit, to get a straight line across your pic.

The a lot of likes shots. Let’s call it the frontie. If you want the real SUP-horizon pic (without you standing in the way): try to capture the horizon from the front of your SUP. Matching colors always do well.

How-to-make power pics on your SUP


try zooming in. Instead, try to be as close as possible to your subject. 

How-to-make power pics on your SUP

stand to close. Make sure to stay at arm’s length to avoid distorting people’s faces.

How-to-make power pics on your SUP

Don’t melt trees.
Sometimes the composition just naturally work in your favor. The fish-eye lens from for instance a Go-Pro, works perfectly with large and circular environments (like a round lake). Note: when taking pictures with a fish-eye lens you need to focus on how you frame your shots. Threes like in this pic, bend when they stand at the edges of the frame.

How-to-make power pics on your SUP

Now you are a grown up SUP-photographer, we’ll cut you loose. Keep our tips in mind, and don’t forget to share your pics with us (hashtag #jobemoments).

Have fun - Jobe

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