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Wetsuits for Kids

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Wetsuits for Kids Firstly, let's understand what the purpose of a kid's wetsuit is, and how it can benefit your child. Wetsuits allow swimmers, surfers, and all other water sports enthusiasts to stay in the water 365 days of the year. A wetsuit is a neoprene shorty or full suit that keeps you warm and dries fast. Wearing a wetsuit keeps you warm by trapping a thin layer of water between you and the suit. Your body heats this layer of water so you won't lose too much heat when you're in the water keeping you warm.

Choosing the right thickness of a wetsuit for a body of water and the activity you are doing is the first step to staying warm. We have one of the biggest selections of children's wetsuits, and a great guide to help you choose the perfect one! 

What type of wetsuit should I buy?

Neoprene material thickness has a huge impact on wetsuit warmth. Wetsuit thickness is typically shown as two numbers separated by a slash. The first number indicates how much neoprene is on the chest, and the second is how much neoprene is on the arms and legs. Our best suits, including the children's Jobe Boston, are a nice example of this style of wetsuit .

You can also choose between a shorty, a fullsuit, or a steamer.

Kids shorty wetsuits

We sell a small assortment of shorty wetsuits for kids. They are the ideal choice for warmer waters since they furnish the body with sufficient protection, whilst promoting the ultimate flexibility in movement. On top of this, their lightweight designs offer an easy, close fit and are designed to be durable. 

Full-length wetsuits for children

Our full stretch neoprene wetsuits for kids are loaded with warmth enhancing tech to keep summer rolling all year long. With features such as durable flatlock seams, a back zip for easy access and protective reinforced knee pads, these wetsuits are ideal for kids to practice all water sports, all year round.

The next thing you need to look at is how it fits. A wetsuit should fit perfectly without bunching in the arms or legs, and no sagging in the back. The suit should be fitted snugly to ensure only a narrow layer of water gets between the body and the suit. So if your suit is too loose, it will let water seep through, which will make it less effective at keeping you warm. The same applies to the neck, wrists, and ankles when you wear a wetsuit. Its snug fit ensures no water can pass through so the suit is not as effective.

Why you should buy a Jobe Wetsuit

Now let's look at the features that make Jobe wetsuits so great for kiddos. As our Jobe wetsuits are crafted from the best quality neoprene, and because of this, the level of stretch available in our wetsuits surpasses the stretch offered by our competitors. Additionally, each wetsuit has ergonomic panels for maximum comfort and range of motion. We go one step further and put these drainage thermo inner liners in our steamers so you always stay nice and toasty. This technique keeps you warm and quickly drains the cold water. Finally, Jobe wetsuits are reinforced at the seams for durability across multiple seasons of use.

In short, Jobe has whatever you need to get you on the water! We believe in these products and use them ourselves and with our own families and friends and that's why we also back our Jobe children's wetsuits with an incredible warranty which is among the best in the industry! Our product experts are available by chat or email 24/7 and will help you find the Jobe children's wetsuit for your individual needs, so you'll be sure to enjoy your time on the water!
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