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Tips & Tricks form the Jobe kneeboard team

8 july 2011
Every now and then, we receive some tips & tricks for kneeboarders from our Jobe Kneeboarders. Of course we do not want to withold you of this information. So if you have plans to start kneeboarding read the tips and tricks underneath carefully.

Enjoy and good luck!

The „Lazy Grind”
The first trick we will tell you about, is the „Lazy Grind“. It is a really easy one. It is a slide on a straight slider which you take on the side of your body and not on top of the board.
First you‘ll need the right speed, so that you slide over the whole obstacle without getting pulled off to the side.
Cut in the last moment on to the slider and make sure you hit the obstacle straight. If you are safe doing this and you‘ll take the hole slider without any problems you are ready to do the „Lazy Grind“.
When you are on the top of the ramp, you‘ll have to turn 90° while you are in the air so that your Kneeboard tip shows to the side of the slider. Than lean sideway away from the direction you are going. Try to lay your shoulder and your arm and your hip onto the surface of the obstacle. Hold this position until the end of the slider. At the end of slider you‘ll have to use the distance between the obstacle and the water to straighten up your body again and to turn the board 90° back in the right direction. To do this, you‘ll have to press your elbow onto the slider to get on the board again.
That‘s all, you will see how easy it is as you try it.
Another variation of the lazy grind is the lazy grind to switch. It is the same slide with only the little difference that you turn the board the other way around at the end of the slider so that the tip of your board shows into the opposite direction you are going and you will be pulled backwards.
Have fun Trying!

Martin Slupski, Hannes Übele and Martin Slupski

Tips & Tricks form the Jobe kneeboard team Tips & Tricks form the Jobe kneeboard team Tips & Tricks form the Jobe kneeboard team Tips & Tricks form the Jobe kneeboard team Tips & Tricks form the Jobe kneeboard team
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