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Zip it baby

11 october 2016
 Zip it baby

With this article we want to shed some light on the pros and cons of a back zip and a chest zip.

So bring it on, what’s the actual difference besides the location of the zipper? First things first: let’s start with the front zip.

Chest Zip
Cons: A Chest zip makes the entry harder.
Pros: Although potentially harder to put on, you won’t need any help while doing so. Secondary, some of our Jobe-clients say a chest zipper makes them feel less ‘covered’. Resulting in more comfortable paddling or other watersports (more freedom of movement). You need the flex for maneuverability when you are on a wave doing turns. For this reason, most more professional water sports fanatics love the chest zip. Are you one of these pros, or do you practice a sport that requires a lot of flexibility: go chest zip.

 Zip it baby

The back-zip
Pros:  Much easier to enter due to the zipper on the back.
Cons: You lose some, you win some. In this case: you lose some flexibility and you win time.

Conclusion. Saves time and money: most chest zip wetsuits are a bit more expensive than back zipper-suits. Are you the practical type who wants to get in the water immediately, choose this zipper.

To make a long story short: if you value flexibility and limited flushing gowith the chest and if you value the ease of entry, go for a backzipper!

Be a specialist – Jobe.
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