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Kneeboarding is an extreme water sport where boarders ride on their knees while being pulled behind a boat. It is a water board sport that blends the characteristics of surfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding, but on your knees.

How to choose your kneeboard

Kneeboards come in all kinds of varieties. Knowing what to look for in kneeboards helps you make the right choice for your needs. When you're buying a Jobe kneeboard, make sure you take into account the type, style and design to help narrow down your choices. Read along as we go over some of those specifics in detail below.

Beginner kneeboards are obviously the best choice for beginners. Beginner kneeboards are designed for recreational purposes and provide a smoother, more enjoyable ride than professional kneeboards. Jobe kneeboards have soft, wide edges that allow for easy starting and turning. Jobe kneeboards for beginners, like the Jobe Streak are also more affordable than competition-level Jobe boards like our top of the line Jobe Stage.

If you're up for something more advanced you'll love our competition kneeboards. Designed for advanced and competition level riders, these boards offer several improvements and innovations over our beginner models. Competition boards are lighter and thinner, making them more responsive to tricks. If you're looking for a great mid-range board be sure to check out the Jobe Prophecy Kneeboard! 
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