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All Towables There's something for everyone in our range of towables, and we make sure that you'll find the right one for you. Jobe Sports has been manufacturing high-quality watersports equipment since 1974 and we make sure that every item that leaves our factory is thoroughly tested for maximum fun. We offer you a wide range of towables in different shapes, sizes and colors. 

In order to find the right towable tube for your boat, you must consider the needs of the rider. Do you have a small or large rider? Are you going to have a birthday party or ride with your kids on the weekends? There are different sizes of towables for different needs. Luckily Jobe has you covered with towables ranging from single rider 1 person towables, all the way up to 4 person and even 5+ person towables!

How to choose your towable

Choosing a boat tube for your next boating adventure is not a decision to take lightly. First, you need to evaluate how large of a boat tube you need. Consider the style and shape, as well as the maneuverability and riding position of each one. Read reviews, and make sure that each one fits your needs. Finally, determine your budget, and buy the perfect behind the boat towable for you. Again, Jobe makes this process easy with great filtering tools like; type of towable, budget, shape and size and even color!

Towable types

Let's take a look and break down some of the towable shapes and options Jobe has to offer!

First up we have the trainers or towables made specifically for children and kids. Perfect for the kiddos to experience their first watersports adventure. The Shark Trainer 1P is amazingly suitable and sweet for children to capture the basics of riding a towable or waterskis!

Next we have your traditional “donut' style towables. These are typically your most traditional type of inflatable tube but of course Jobe has taken it up a notch with quality and rider innovation! If you're looking for a single rider donut make sure to check out the “Crusher' or if you've got friends the 2 person “Double Trouble' or 3 person “
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