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How to do a proper nose press

24 february 2017
Not every trick you land has to be about doing a double or going huge, there’s a certain style in simplicity. So today we’re going to explain to you, how to do a proper nose press!

A nose press is one of the tricks that’s far from hard but something that not everyone can properly master. Busting out a massive nose press is one of the most stylish tricks you can do on a rail and it isn’t that hard to learn. So we’re going to tell you our secret, in order to master the mother of all presses!

How to do a proper nose press
Julian Cohen, bending his front knee for better balance
Bend or Bail
So you’re on the rail or box and need to start pressing, this is what you do: You start to bend your front knee. Bend your knee and try to get your knee as far as possible to the nose of your board. By bending your knee more, you can get your knee on the same point as the nose of your board (and maybe over). This will make sure you can put pressure on your front foot. Now you can easily balance on your front foot, without tipping over. Just throw your weight to the front with your front shoulder and you're good to go!

Lift your board
Your front knee is out and you’ve got pressure on your front foot. Now it’s time use you back leg and pull it upwards, by doing so, you’re nose press will be a lot bigger. You get bonus points if you keep your leg stretched while pulling up the tail of your board.

You can Handle it
You’ve also got a handle in your hand, so use it!
Your posture is good and by balancing on the handle you can find your sweet spot during the nose press. Just keep tension in your line and press the handle down a bit, so you can balance on it.

How to do a proper nose press
Dominik Gührs showing that, pressure on the handle is key!

You can always go for extra style points by tail tapping the rail or throwing down a 180 to blind. The most important thing is to keep experimenting with the nose press. Find your balance and try to press further and further! Practice is key to this trick and making it look simple is the ultimate form of sophistication.

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