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Slalom Waterskis

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Slalom Waterskis Jobe has been a known brand in the slalom ski market right from the beginning. In fact, slalom skis were the first products we ever produced. So with all these years of experience you can expect quality skis. Our collection ranges from skis for people who never tried slalom skiing before to skis for the absolute pro’s.

Water skiing is a very popular activity. If you are brand new to the sport, or are just returning, choosing the right Jobe skis can be daunting thanks to the huge selection and new technologies in the market. You may remember riding on an old Jobe Honeycomb ski from the 70’s and 80’s, and while those waterskis still hold up and are being ridden on daily even now, a lot has changed!

Jobe has been leading innovation in the water ski market since 1974 and even today we are pushing the envelope of what skis are capable of. Whatever your style, you will find yourself the happiest on Jobe slalom skis, leading the industry in terms of technology, construction, and key comfort features.

Picking the right water ski can improve your time on the water and make it more enjoyable. Whatever your ski needs are, whether you are considering buying your first water ski, replacing your ski from your teen's or purchasing the best ski on the market, we can help.

Skis that feature two bindings are known as slalom skis, as they are sold as a single ski with two bindings, one behind the other. The shape is widest near the forward bindings, while the back part of the ski (the "tail") is narrow. This type of Jobe ski can decelerate quickly from a position of speed because of its narrow tail, making it an ideal ski for skiers who want a ski that turns quickly for slalom or recreational skiing.

If you’re looking for a great guide to get up on the water for the first time on a pair of Jobe water skis check out this post for great tips and tricks while also sticking to the fundamentals.

In short, Jobe has whatever you need to get you on the water! We believe in these products and use them ourselves and with our own families and friends and that’s why we also back our Jobe water skis with an incredible warranty which is among the best in the industry! Our product experts are available by chat or email 24/7 and will help you find the Jobe water skis for your individual needs, so you'll be sure to enjoy your time on the water!
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