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How to choose your wakeboard

There are many different types of wakeboards available for different types of riding, but which wakeboard is best at suiting your riding style? Let's talk about what features to look for in a wakeboard and what to consider when buying a wakeboard online. By getting the right board for your experience level and style of riding, you'll be able to start off right and have a lot of fun on the lake.

The nice thing about wakeboards is that, as long as it's large enough, anyone can ride it. Some shapes are easier to learn than others, but beginners shouldn't be afraid to try advanced shapes. Likewise, a pro rider isn't necessarily restricted if they ride a newbie board. The most important thing is picking the right size. Wakeboard choice is personal preference and should be fun; like a certain shape, or if a board has a really cool graphic, go ahead and let that factor into your decision.

For your benefit we break down our wakeboards into three easy to understand categories. They are Boat Wakeboards (for riding behind the boat), Park Wakeboards (for riding at the cable park and hitting obstacles) and finally Hybrid Wakeboards (which as the name suggests is for both!)

What size wakeboard do I need?

Wakeboards are sized based on your weight and riding style. Big or small, a choice that is always personal. When you look at the size chart of a board you usually have a wide spectrum of sizes you can choose from. But when you have trouble choosing a size, remember to look at our size chart and always ask yourself the question: What do I want to do with this board? If you have multiple people using your new Jobe wakeboard, we suggest you select a model based on the weight of the rider that uses it most often.

Are you an old school rider who loves to just send it and spend more time in the air? Whether it's sending it off the wake behind your boat or just busting out huge air all day at the cablepark, a smaller size would be the way to go.

Or are you the kind of rider that leaves no obstacle untouched in the parks? When you're out in the park and want to spend full days on the water and need to save energy (or knees), a big board is the solution for those endless days on the water!


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