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Wetsuits for Men

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Wetsuits for Men First, let's understand what a wetsuit does and why it is useful. Wetsuits are a great apparel option that lets surfers, swimmers, and any water sports enthusiasts stay in the water all year round. A wetsuit is an neoprene either shorty or full suit that keeps you warm and dries out quickly in watersports. Wetsuits keep you warm by trapping a thin layer of water between you and the suit. Your body heats this layer of water so you won't lose too much heat when you're in the water keeping you warm.

What type of men's wetsuit should I buy?

Choosing your wetsuits is dependent on the water temperature and the type of water sports you want to perform. We have one of the largest selections of wetsuits, and a great guide to help you choose the perfect wetsuit to buy online! 


The first step to staying warm and happy in a wetsuit is to pick the right thickness for the body of water and for the activity that you're doing. Wetsuit thickness is typically shown as two numbers separated by a slash. The first number gives you the thickness of the neoprene at the chest, and the second is the thickness of the neoprene at the arms and legs. An example of this would be a 3/2 wetsuit like one of our best wetsuits, the Jobe Perth. 

1.5 MM | 68 - 77° F / 20 - 25° C
2 MM | 62 - 68° F / 17 - 20° C
3/2 MM | 56 - 65° F / 13 - 18° C
5/3 MM | 46 - 53° F / 8 - 12° C

Wetsuit fit

Next you should look at how a wetsuit should and will fit. A wetsuit should fit perfectly with no bunching in the arms or legs and no sagging in the back. The suit should fit snugly so that only a thin layer of water is kept between your body and the suit. If your suit is too loose, water will seep through, reducing its effectiveness in keeping you warm. A wetsuit should also fit snugly around your neck, wrists, and ankles ensuring that no water is able to pass through easily making the suit less effective.

You can also choose between a shorty, a fullsuit, a steamer or a 2-piece wetsuit.

Why you should buy a Jobe Men's Wetsuit

Let's look at some of the features that make a Jobe adult wetsuit unique. Jobe wetsuits are produced from the highest quality neoprene. Because of this, the level of stretch is much higher than in our competitors' wetsuits. Moreover, each wetsuit is designed with specific ergonomic panels to provide for optimal comfort and freedom of motion. We go one step further and put drainage thermo inner liners in our steamers so you stay incredibly warm. This technique quickly drains the cold water and keeps your body heat. Finally the seams in a Jobe wetsuit have been reinforced for durability over multiple seasons of use.
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