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Waterski Bindings

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Waterski Bindings

Let's take a look at choosing the perfect water ski bindings for your Jobe water ski!

Let's first talk about the basics in ski bindings and this is the single boot + rear toe plate set-up. This is the starting point for most beginners. Despite the widespread adoption of more innovative and modern binding configurations, there are still certain advantages to rear toe plates still used by thousands of skiers. Throughout your turns, for instance, this freedom specifically allows your hips to be dramatically moved to find a more balanced, dynamic position.

When you are just starting out in water skiing, the selection of waterski bindings does not really have a right or wrong answer. You'll soon discover that comfortability and personal preferences are really the only thing that matters. Those that are new to skiing and are intermediate in skill will do well with a Jobe front toe + squeeze heel with a rear toe plate. A beginner with this skill level normally finds this easier and more comfortable.

Skiers who prefer a fixed, non-adjustable binding may prefer a binding that is designed to fit their foot precisely to provide ankle support and maximum control of the ski. A number of skiers prefer the more precise binding with a rear toe plate, while others may choose both the front and rear fixed binding. Keeping the heel in place and giving extra ankle support through the wake, the rear water skiing boot contributes to ultimate control of the ski! However, this is not suitable for everyone, since it usually requires more effort and some technique to go into and out of the bindings. Although double binding setups allow you to use the skis to their maximum potential, it is still a matter of opinion whether they are correct or not! Just remember, there is no right or wrong way to use the skis. When choosing a double binding setup, a skier usually means that he is serious about his sport and a higher level of performance is the anticipated result.
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