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Boat Wakeboards

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Boat Wakeboards Wakeboarding is divided into two different types of riding each type being quite distinct from each other. The one we will be focusing on here is behind boat riding or often called wake riding behind a boat.

First of all there is the largest category, which are Boat Wakeboards.  Usually you would use these boards behind your inboard or outboard boat.  They can be used at wake parks in some instances, but they are not intended to withstand the wear and tear from rails & you would most likely have to remove your fins and avoid all obstacles like rails and ramps in the park. A park board is different from a boat board, so how can you tell the difference?  One of the biggest differences between the two is the flex/stiffness. They are made to be less flexy to give you more pop off the wake.  Additionally, a boat board is constructed so as to survive rough landings in the wake and on the flats. The bottoms of some behind the boat boards are molded to catch the edge while approaching the wake. Finally, boat boards can have numerous fin options.

Check out our guide on how to wakeboard behind a boat for tips and tricks to get you going!

In short, Jobe has whatever you need to get you on the water! We believe in these products and use them ourselves and with our own families and friends and that's why we also back our Jobe boat wakeboard with an incredible warranty which is among the best in the industry! Our product experts are available by chat or email 24/7 and will help you find the Jobe boat wakeboard for your individual needs, so you'll be sure to enjoy your time on the water!
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