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Austin Hair Jobe Pro Series Preview!

20 june 2011
Several weeks ago Jobe announced the news that Austin Hair had been added to the Jobe team. The brand has signed a three-year contract with the American pro rider. The news has caused an enormous amount of positive reactions all throughout the industry. Austin Hair will get his own Pro Series within the Jobe collection and to get all you curious people warmed up, Jobe will already release some information on this product line.

Austin Hair Jobe Pro Series Preview!

Austin Hair Pro Series

The Jobe Austin Hair Pro Series will consist of no less than four products; a wakeboard with bindings, a helmet and a handle. In the past couple of months a top secret cooperation between Austin and the Jobe team has been working on Austin’s Pro Series’ shapes and graphics. Just like Jobe has done with the CliCK Series (Christian Koester) and the Max Series (Maxine Sapulette) the design is built around the rider’s wishes.

Boards & Bindings
The shape of the Austin board is based on this year’s Unix board shape. This immensely popular shape is admirer by both boat and cable riders and therefore it is a perfect match with Austin Hair. The graphics on the board will be anything but average. Jobe will position itself differently compared to all other wakeboard brands and herein the Austin Series wakeboard will be the first feat. The board will be filled with many bright colours and distinct letter types. This ‘new school’ look is unique in the scene causing both Austin and Jobe to predict a big success. Of course the Pro Series will include matching bindings.

Handle & Helmet
Austin Hair will also have his own handle and helmet within the Jobe collection. The Austin Hair Pro handle will be extremely light weight with a strong aluminium “Double-D barö. The Austin Series helmet will have a very comfortable fit so it will not cause any trouble when performing all kinds of tricks. The graphics on the handle and helmet will match perfectly with the board and will therefore have bright colours too.

Keep an eye on the Jobe website to stay up-to-date on the newest developments concerning Austin Pro Series:

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