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Brotherly Jobe Jet Ski team Axel & Chris Courtois take podium

6 june 2013
The opening of French Jet Skiing Championships of "jet ski à bras" took place during the weekend of May 25 & 26: The Freegun Jet Crosstour 2013 in Cogolin, le Var.

Brotherly Jobe team FC Competition consisting of Axel and Christopher Courtois, competed in categories Ski Promotion F2 (Expert) and F1 Ski Elite (Pro) on their FZ950 Zapata Racing skis. This clear and sunny, but also windy day in the bay of Cogolin, resulted in the team's first national podium placement, despite some mechanical challenges.

In Ski Promotion F2, Axel Courtois had ​​a good start to the season. With 20 competitors entered in the races, Axel took 3rd place in the first race, 4th in the second inning and 9th place in the final. All of this despite a big crash with another racer! Axel happily takes home bronze, finishing right after Austrian multiple world champion Kevin Reiterer and Bordeaux Alexander Barret.

In Ski Elite F1, Christopher Courtois had to deal with a lot of problems during his return after last year's absence. A mechanical problem (engine water intake) in the first round forced Christopher to start in 10th position with a Jet Ski operating at half power. Despite a good start and solid first 4 laps in the second round (5th place), Christopher then went on to literally brake his Jet Ski engine -most likely due to water intake malfunction of the first round- and was forced to exit the race. In the finals, Christopher decided to borrow his brother's stock ski and managed to still end in a very respectable 6th position. Christopher ended 11th out of 20 racers overall.

The next race and 2nd part of the French Championships Freegun Jet Crosstour 2013 will be in Pont-à-Mousson, in the beautiful Lorraine region.

Brotherly Jobe Jet Ski team Axel & Chris Courtois take podium

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