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Christian Koester’s CliCK Serie Sneak Preview

18 may 2011
Only a few weeks to go before the unveiling of the designs for the new CK Pro Serie (CliCK Series) board, vest and helmet. A few months ago Jobe released the news that CK Koester would get his own pro series. In the past few months CK Koester and Jobe have been working hard on the design of the products in this pro series. At this point the designs have been sent to the manufacturer where they will go in production. To feed the hungry wakeboard addicts Jobe will be able to offer a sneak preview of the CliCK board.

Christian Koester’s CliCK Serie Sneak Preview

For CK’s pro board Jobe has developed a brand new shape. In close cooperation with CK himself Jobe has created a shape that matches CK’s wishes exactly. “CK wanted a fast, stable board with the perfect hold on the water. That’s why we made a rolled edge that doesn’t go all the way down the side but turns into a sharpe edge. In combination with the long molded fins at the end of the extra wide tip and tail, this board has everything you need for a perfect release, an explosive pop of the wake and plenty of grip. Besides that the continuous rocker makes the board nice and fast. Because CK rides many obstacles he asked for extra ABS rails into the fins and channels to limit wear. Off course this wish has been fulfilled. This board has all features CK deems necessary for an optimal performance!” according to Jobe’s product developers.”

The graphics on the CliCK has also been done in cooperation with CK. One of CK’s big passions is photography and this has played a significant part in the design. Furthermore the board is spotted with yellow and blue colors. It turns out a colorful board matching a colorful rider.

Vest and Helmet

Besides a board the CliCK pro series also consists of a vest and a helmet. Once again CK has made a large contribution to the end result. These items will be in a similar print as the wakeboard. The shape of the vest and helmet will be held secret by Jobe for a little longer.

Keep an eye on for the latest news on the CliCK Pro Series!
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