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Exclusive interview; Bojan Schipner

31 march 2011
Exclusive interview; Bojan Schipner

Exclusive interview; Bojan Schipner
Recently Bojan Schipner became a member of the Jobe ski team. Bojan is a 22 years old professional skier and lives in Feldberg, Germany.

To get to know Bojan a little better, Jobe and Bojan had a short chat recently. Of course we did not want to withhold you of the results.

Jobe: Hi Bojan. please tell us a little bit more about yourself, so the people who don’t know you, have an idea who they are dealing with.
BS: So my name is Bojan Schipner. I am 22 years old and I live in Feldberg (Germany). I am competing in ski competitions since I was 7 years old and started to ski when I was 1 and a half years old. So a long time! :) My work is also my sport so I am just skiing the year around if I can.

Jobe: 1 and a half year and already skiing, amazing! How did you learn it at such a young age?
BS: Well, it was not a big deal cause my mum was already skiing with me when she was pregnant of me. So I actually started skiing when I was not even born. Just kidding ;) My dad is a professional skier, my mum was, my aunt was and my whole family is just doing everything for the sport.
It‘s al about waterskiing in my environment, that causes my early water sports experience. I had to continue the family tradition!

Jobe: How is life at the moment?
BS: Well, I was a bit sick the last weeks, but I am fine again to take my flight to Florida (Orlando) soon. :) I was also at the Boot in Düsseldorf and I have met some people of the Jobe crew over there. It was nice to meet them and to see all the new stuff in their 2011 collection.

Jobe: Good to hear! Since January 2011 you can call yourself a member of the Jobe / Jstar team, what do you think about that?
BS: Well this week I got all my stuff and I am so proud to be a member of the Jobe ski team. The clothes and the other Stuff are just amazing and I really like to test the skis and wetsuits when I am in the USA.

Jobe: Do you also have a job next to you skiing career?
BS: Well, until I fly to Florida, I work with my dad in our Electricity company. So I work 24/7 right now. :)

Jobe: Just curious, do you have any brothers or sisters?
BS: No... My parents didn‘t have enough money to have a second one of me.

Jobe: What is your future goal?
BS: Being a world champion in waterskiing and maybe get a world record.

Jobe: You have been in the army right? Tell us a little more about that.
BS: Well, I was in the sports foundation of the army. That is a special part of the army where you do your sport all day and the army pays you which is really great. But before you get into that, you have to do the normal schooling like every normal soldier. It was much fun, because I like to crawl trough the mud and shooting guns. :)

Jobe: Which was the first competition you ever participated in? good results? How did you experience it?
BS: Well I can hardly remember. It was 1994 and it was a competition for the German youth nationals. And I was really good. I got 3rd in Slalom I guess...

Jobe: Just curious, describe us how a normal day in your life looks like?
BS: Well right now... Wake up at 5.30 a.m. Get my working clothes and than go to work. By the way I have to say I work at my dad‘s electric Company. So than i work until 4.30 p.m. and than I drive to my gym and work out until 8.p.m. Than I drive 30km home and have dinner. Than I fall to bed and sleep. :) That‘s all I do.
But next week I fly to Florida to start the season. So my day there looks really different. ;)

Jobe: Thanks for your time Bojan! Do you want to add something to the interview?
BS: Sure. Some days ago I got all my Jobe Stuff. I reeeaaaaallllyyyyy like it. The Clothes are awesome. Thank‘s again for sponsoring me! :)
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