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Exclusive interview with Jobe / Jstar rider Christian Koester

22 march 2010
Christian Koester also known as CK is a member of the Jobe / Jstar wakeboard team for a couple of years now. He already achieved a lot in his wakeboard career, but still tries to improve his skills with his enormous power of will. CK is not only involved with his own wakeboard skills but is also an international judge and instructor of the IWSF…busy guy!

Recently, we spoke to mister CK and did not want to withhold you of the results!

Exclusive interview with Jobe / Jstar rider Christian KoesterJOBE: Hello CK, I think a lot of people already know who you are, but I can’t avoid the following question! Can you introduce yourself to us?
CK: hey guys! well as you guys know my name is CK which stands for Christian Koester! I’m 21 years old and live in Woking just outside of London. I’ve been riding for 7 years or so and competing for four years now and loving life!

JOBE: How are the training sessions going for the upcoming competitions?
CK: umm well its winter so I haven't been riding much! I took 3 months off between October and February, but have been riding for the last month back home in the UK but it’s pretty damn cold! but I’m in Thailand now at TWP, I arrived last night and am going to the cable in an hour or so!

JOBE: Ooh that’s great, enjoy it! What kind of bindings do you have and which board do you ride?
CK: Thanks, obviously I ride a full Jstar set up, I currently got a lidberg with lidberg boots, its a sick board with a really aggressive rocker and edge. perfect for locking into a hard cut or just getting your press on!

JOBE: You probably train at a lot of different location but what is your favourite place that wakeboarding has taken you this year and why?
CK: its the beginning of the year so other than being here in Thailand I haven’t been any where else yet! so far it’s sick here! other than that wakeboarding has taken me all round the world and I love it, memorable places are Philippines, Russia, Finland and many more!

JOBE: Wow you’ve seen a lot of amazing countries. What motivates you to progress in wakeboarding?
CK: Just watching my friends ride is what pushes me in life! in terms of motivating people it’s the guys who are pushing their sports to the next level, like Shawn White and Travis Rice of snowboarding!
Exclusive interview with Jobe / Jstar rider Christian Koester
JOBE: Ok cool, what are your future goals in terms of competition?
CK: My main goal this year is to stay injury free all year allowing me to ride in all the comps, as unfortunately I spent a lot of last year injured!

JOBE: Yes I heard about that, that’s a shame! Even tough you have entered many contests. Which championship or event did you enjoy the most?
CK: 2009 was very good for new style comps! my favorite comps are rail jams and kicker stuff, I loved Red Bull Wake The Line and Fise, just because they have a totally different style to normal events! they feel a lot more professional!

JOBE: Wakeboarding is very important for you but can you make a living out of your wakeboard skills or do you have a sideline to survive?
CK: Yup wakeboarding is my life! so it’s hard to get away from it, but I do work at the cable for money and am also part of the way through a photography degree!

JOBE: How would you describe the feeling when riding a Jobe or Jstar board?
CK: I love riding the boards they just seem perfect for me! but the main thing about Jobe in my eyes is how they treat their riders, its the most important thing and they get it just right, unlike some of the other manufacturers.

JOBE: That’s really nice to hear!! Pick one of the two given words and tell me why you picked it.

Boat or cable
CK: Cable! I love it, it’s so much more social than boat and you can really feed off other peoples energy! boats cool but hard!

Indoor or outdoor party
CK: Outdoor, I don’t like being inside, it’s nice to have the wind in your hair!

Extreme or moderate
CK: extreme, push everything to the limits otherwise don’t bother trying!

Exclusive interview with Jobe / Jstar rider Christian KoesterCamping or hotel
CK:hotel 100% I absolutely hate camping and everything about it!

JOBE: If you did not have a wakeboard career what would you like to be?
CK: If it wasn’t wakeboarding I’m sure it would be another sort of extreme sport like snowboarding or surfing, just gotta keep busy!

JOBE: Thanks for all your answers CK! Want to add something to this interview?
CK: I just want to thank my sponsors Sooruz and obviously Jobe for everything, and all my friends and family for the support they’ve offered throughout my career!
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