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How to get ready for a fun day on the water: a towable gear list

5 january 2018
If you ask us, we think riding on a towable is the funniest activity EVER. It’s a great way to get outside, have fun with friends and family and get some fresh air… and water😉 All you need is access to water, a towable and a motorized boat.

Like all water sports, you have to be prepared. If you’re planning your weekend, like we do, you NEED these things to get you going.

This is Jobe’s essential list.

The ultimate towable get-a-way list.

- Sunscreen: essential when being on the water all day. Otherwise you will burn seriously. We recommend SPF 30+ - 50+. Note! Kids need the highest SPF.
- Water: Store enough water in your boat, because riding a towable is a true work out. You need to hydrate yourself the whole day.’
- Vests/life jackets: Always make sure you bring sufficient vests or lifejackets on the boat. A life jacket is one of the most important accessories in water sports, especially when mother nature gets the upper hand. Before buying a vest, decide which purpose your vest needs to have. Whether you need maximum range of movement or the feeling of safety and comfort. 
- Proper clothing: Wear clothing that is tight to your body. Floppy bikinis or swimshort aren’t recommended because well… just don’t. 
- Food: Along with the water, pack your snacks! Again, you will burn lots of calories on the water, and snacks are the way to keep you going. Bring high-calorie unsaturated fats like peanuts, granola bars and other pre-packaged items. These snacks are much easier to keep dry, no-one likes a soggy sandwich, right?
- Air pump: You have to pump your towable first, of course. Take your (electrical) pump into the boat. You’ll never know if a valve might come loose; and if you have a pump by hand you save your day.

Now go, it’s time for fun!

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