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How to: Put on your wetsuit

31 october 2019
Taking care of your wetsuit is critical to enhance your wetsuit's longevity and maximizing its performance. This step by step guide will teach you how to put on your Jobe wetsuit correctly so that you get the most out of your investment on the long run

Step 1: Sharp objects
Before we start make sure you remove any sharp objects from your body. Objects like bracelets, rings or watches can seriously damage your wetsuits fabric. Even your toe and fingernails can damage your wetsuit if they have sharp edges, so make sure your nails are trimmed. It’s also important that you are completely dry when putting on your wetsuit, this will make entry a lot easier and will prevent overstretching the fabric.

Step 2: Entry
Unzip your wetsuit, hold it open and let your feet slide in gently. Push your feet through the leg holes one at a time. When your feet are in, pull your wetsuit up to your waist. Do not try to pull the wetsuit all the way up in one go but take your time and pull the neoprene up in small steps.
Let your arms slide in and make sure the wetsuit is not twisted anywhere. When your arms are pull your wetsuit up over your torso.

Step 3: Zip up
Depending on the type of wetsuit zipping up will differ. A backzipped wetsuit will have a long zipper strap which you can pull to move the zipper up. Frontzipped wetsuits can be zipped up easily by hand. When zipped up completely fasten the Velcro straps and make any final adjustments to the wetsuit to make sure you have a comfortable fit.
For a video tutorial on how to put on a front- and/or backzipped wetsuit you can check out the video’s below.

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